FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

About UniSquare

UniSquare is an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell just about anything to each other over the internet. Basically, we are like eBay. Members can list just about any kinds of products for sale through auctions and fixed-priced store listings and other people can buy them or make offers on them. To read more about us, please visit our About Us page.

UniSquare is a 100% free marketplace with no fees of any kind, including listing, registration, monthly, nor commission fees. You may be saying that nothing in life is free, what is the catch? Honestly, there is no catch. UniSquare earns it's revenue, incomes and profits solely through advertising revenues from 3rd party sources and sponsors. Advertisements placed throughout the site are more than sufficient to cover all overhead costs of UniSquare and produce strong revenues. The more traffic we get, the more revenue we get through advertisements. With our marketplace being 100% free, we believe it will be easier to produce more traffic and potential buyers - which ultimately works out well for active sellers on UniSquare.

The best way to report security issues, bugs, glitches and malware, is to Contact Us via our form or by email. We greatly appreciate your help in reporting these unknown issues so we can fix them as soon as possible and make UniSquare more secure for everyone.

To contact UniSquare support, please visit our Contact Page to fill out the contact form and submit a message to us. Likewise, you can also email us directly at: contact@unisquare.com

UniSquare uses both Cookies and Sessions in order to track users and provide convenient user experience throughout our site We will explain below what these are and how we use them.

Browser Cookies - A cookie is a tiny file that is sent from a website to your internet browser, and ultimately stored on your computer. A cookie stays in your browser whether you are viewing UniSquare or another site. Your browser can be configured to accept or reject cookies.

Sessions - These are very similar to cookies, but they are saved on the web server rather than on your computer. Sessions need to be renewed after a short time as well.

Purposes on UniSquare - At the moment, we mostly only use sessions so the data is stored on our web servers. This is also safer since cookies on a browser can be manipulated while sessions cannot. Basically, the sessions keep track of who's who when you are logged in and browsing the site. It saves a small bit of data such as whether you like viewing item listings in a grid layout or listing layouts. It also saves other useful data such as what items you have in your shopping cart. We save the data in your sessions so you can log in at a later time and your items are all still in your shopping cart and the site is left the way it was when you last logged off.

We do use cookies by default as well. The only time we use it is when you log in. UniSquare sends a very small cookie to your browser with your username data. Since sessions expire only after about an hour, this cookie will allow you to be logged in constantly. Also, you can return to UniSquare hours or days later and not have to keep logging back in again - The cookie will log you in automatically. This is a high convenience feature. To delete this cookie, simply click the "Sign Out" button on UniSquare, which will log you out permanently and remove the cookie until you log in again in the future. You can also clear cookies from your browser and this will do the trick as well.

This depends on the seller's shipping policies. Some sellers will not allow international buyers and some will gladly accept it. If the seller does not accept international purchases, it is recommended that you contact them first before buying an item, and ask if they would be willing to make an exception. Usually, this is going to add more costs to the order.

At UniSquare, the billing policy is very simple. We do not charge fees of any kind since we are a 100% free marketplace, so there are no bills!

Getting Started

Registration is quick and easy. To register for an account please visit our account registration page. You will need to choose a username consisting only of up to 30 letters and/or numbers. No symbols or spaces are allowed. Capital letters will be reduced to all lower-case letters. We will let you know if the username is taken or not. Next, enter your email address and password for your account. All new members are required to check the checkbox agreeing that you accept our User Agreements and Privacy Policy. Lastly, you must then enter the correct CAPTCHA code.

The most common trouble during account registration is entering the correct CAPTCHA code. Sometimes it takes many attempts to get it right because it's purposely visually distorted in order to thwart automated spam bots. If you are unable to get past this step, please contact us with the username you would like and we'll manually create an account for you and send you the temporary login details/password. Note that usernames can only contain letters and numbers - no spaces, symbols nor capital letters.

At the moment, we do not allow members to close their own accounts. Although, we will be happy to close your account down manually. Please contact us and we'll look into whether there is unfinished business or other issues on your account. If there are no issues, we'll close your account. Please note that some information will still exist on our site, such as feedback ratings and private messages that you have sent in the past. Although, your personal information and details will be removed.

This is only allowed if you are a brand new member who has just created an account and you would prefer a better username. Please note that members cannot do this on their own, please contact us and we'll gladly change it.

To add or edit your location, please login to your account and visit: "My Square >> Account". Here you can view your account preferences. Please browse down and you can edit your Country, State, City, Zip Code, Street Address and Real Name. Note that only Country, State, City and Zip Code will be displayed publicly. Whatever you have in Street Address and Real Name will be displayed automatically along with the other fields whenever you set your shipping address during checkout when you would like to buy from another seller.

You will only be represented by your username, never by your full real name. Your real name is only displayed on invoices. Your username will show up in private message conversations, within your Store, your item listing pages, the search results (within your own store search and the main UniSquare search), your member page and profile.

When you create your account, you will be given your own urls:

Member page: https://www.unisquare.com/members/[your-username]/
Store Page: https://www.unisquare.com/store/[your-username]/ (optional)

All members will receive their own member page. Store pages can be enabled or disabled - They are much more customizable, but not required.

It is easy to add and edit your profile bio and upload a picture. To do this please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Profile" field to edit or add a Biography about yourself. A few ideas to consider when writing a profile bio: introduce yourself, describe your business or what you do, explain your interests, hobbies and expertise, or write anything else you might find useful for other buyers and sellers to read. To upload a profile image, browse down to the "Profile Image" field and click the edit link to upload a profile image.

Changing your email is very easy to do. Simply login and visit "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Contact Email Address" field to edit your email address. Please note that this is separate from your PayPal email address ID, which can be changed from the "Payment Methods" field within your account preferences.

To change your password, simply login and visit "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences page. Then browse down to the "Password" field to edit your password. You must enter your current password followed by a new password. If you ever forget your password, simply visit the Password Recovery Page. From here, enter your current email address that you have on file at UniSquare, enter the CAPTCHA and submit the form. This will send you a temporary password to your email address. Once you login, you can change the temporary password to whatever password you would like.

Your username can be up to 30 characters long. Please note that only alphanumeric characters are allowed (letters and numbers only - no special symbols or spaces). Any capital letters will be reduced to lower-case letters automatically.

At the center-top of the page just below the "UniSquare" logo, there is your username followed by a "Sign Out" link: username (Sign Out). Click the "Sign Out" link to log off.

Shopping Features

To search for items, simply enter the search terms into the Search bar near the top of the page. You can also elect to search through all categories or a specific category using the dropdown box just to the left of the search bar. Note that when you visit a specific category, you can even select sub-categories from the dropdown box.

Customized stores also have their own basic search features so buyers can search for items within seller stores.

In addition, members can also use our Advanced Search to do more refined searching. Using advanced search, you can search for items based on their conditions (New, Used or Refurbished). You may search for items where sellers are accepting best offers or free shipping as well. Like the basic search results, you may also search for items within specific price ranges. The advanced search feature will even search for items from a specific member, or exclude all items from a specific member. We have other advanced options to search for items based on specific item numbers, search for items that a specific bidder is bidding on, and lastly search for items that have been sold.

Note that with all UniSquare search engines, you may order the items by ones ending soonest, newest listings, highest prices first and lowest prices first. You can also alter the display layout of the items by default listing rows, or arrange items in a grid layout - whatever is more comfortable for your viewing.

There are 3 major ways you can shop on UniSquare. The most common and popular way is buying items in fixed listings. These are simply "Buy It Now" listings where you can buy at any time. The second way to shop is to participate in our online auctions. Basically, you can bid in an auction that ends at some point in the near future. If you have the highest bid when the auction ends, you win the item and can purchase it. The last way to shop is to make an offer. We have a "Bundle Builder" shopping cart (inspired by the television series American Pickers) - where you can add multiple items from multiple sellers and make an offer price for each seller. Note that you can submit an offer for a single item or a "Bundle" offer on multiple items at once.

Categories are the "highways" of UniSquare. They organize items in a clean fashion and list sub-categories for more specific browsing. We have six levels of categories on the homepage, starting with primary marketplace parent categories "Antiques", "Art", "Baby", "Books" and so on. You can view the list of them in the menu on the left-hand side of this page near the top. Some categories have articles, external resource links and other recommended links to other related categories on UniSquare. Here is an example category structure on our site that is 4 levels deep, starting with our homepage / parent marketplace category / sub-categories / so on...:
UniSquare / Coins & Paper Money Marketplace / Coins: US / Small Cents / Indian Head (1859-1909)

Note that when you create a customized store, you can build your very own category structure inside it. This can be up to 6 levels deep, just like the primary UniSquare categories.

As a matter of fact, UniSquare does allow sellers to set up and manage their own coupon codes (promo codes). We ourselves do not offer promo codes, but it depends on if the seller is offering them. If a seller does have a promo code, you can simply enter the code on the shopping cart page for that seller and the rewards will be redeemed instantly before checkout. These benefits can range from percentages off order, free shipping or a fixed amount off the sub-total, depending on what type of code the seller configured. It's very easy to do!

Making a Purchase

Buying on UniSquare is fairly easy. For "Buy It Now" items, simply add the item and quantity to the cart. (Note that some sellers may be selling multiple colors and/or sizes of items and you can select these from dropdown menus before adding them to the cart.) Once you are done adding items, you can click the "Checkout" button, where you will select your payment method, enter your shipping address and write notes to the seller if you want. Click "Next" and on the next page, you'll have a pre-invoice showing the list of items you would like to purchase along with the final total. Click the "Finalize and Confirm Payment" button to finalize the sale.

If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will be redirected to this service where you will log in and complete the payment. Note that if there is an error or expired session during this process, you can simply view your purchase invoices "As Buyer: Purchase History" section by viewing: "My Square >> Activity" clicking the "Make Payment" to make a payment. Your invoices are saved here.

If you do not have a PayPal account, or would like to pay with a credit card, simply choose PayPal as your payment method during checkout (if the seller accepts PayPal). When you finalize and confirm your order, you will be taken to PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can simply login and choose your credit card or bank account to draw your payment from. If you do not have a PayPal account, click the "Buy as a Guest" button and you'll be given a form to fill out your credit card or debit card details.

Sellers can create an unlimited number of coupon, promo and discount codes at UniSquare as a way to offer discounts for shoppers. These codes are only redeemable for items from the seller who created the code. These codes will apply to the entire order. There are three different coupon codes that can be created: percentage discount - which provides a flat discount off your entire order (not including shipping costs). fixed-priced discount (similar to gift certificate) - A fixed dollar amount off the order. Free Shipping - Removes all shipping costs

To apply a discount code, view your items in the shopping card. Just below the "Grand Total", there is an "Enter Coupon Code" link. Simply click this, enter your code and submit it. Your discount is automatically applied before checkout.

Registration is required primarily in order to keep track of your purchases, to contact sellers, provide a means for feedback tracking, and provide organization for the seller of who is buying what items. Note that you do not need to provide your full name and you can choose a username that allows you to remain anonymous.

When items in your cart disappear, this is usually the result of items being bought and one-of-a-kind items being sold out. When an item is sold out, the quantity will reduce to 0 and these items will be automatically removed from your shopping cart.

Currently, UniSquare deals only in US Dollars (USD). Although, if you are using an online payment service such as PayPal, they will automatically convert an international currency into USD during the checkout process.

If PayPal is delaying your payment or your payment does not seem to go through immediately, this is a common security issue with PayPal. They purposely delay the payment (or prevent it all together) if they feel a transaction is potentially risky. They do this to protect their own members from losing money. This commonly happens when one or both members of the transaction are new PayPal users.

PayPal is the most popular and trusted online payment processor used on the internet. They can be found at: PayPal.com. When you sign up, you'll essentially have your own online bank account. First, you must verify and connect your PayPal account with your real, physical bank account. Then you can deposit and withdrawal funds between your bank and PayPal. In addition, you can connect your credit cards with PayPal and pay with those if you'd like. Members can even register for a debit card from PayPal and use this just like a normal debit card.

Sellers with a PayPal account can accept credit card payments from buyers who do not have any PayPal account. The buyer can simply purchase as a "guest" and use their credit cards, e-check or bank account to complete payments. Money from a buyer's credit card account goes directly into the seller's PayPal account. In addition, PayPal has an excellent Buyer Protection Program and Seller Protection Program to deal with fraud and disputes.

Communication Features

It's very easy to contact sellers. First, you must register for an account and UniSquare username. Then login and simply view the seller's member page (example: https://www.unisquare.com/members/[username]/) and click the "Contact Member" link. This will take you to the contact form where you can write your questions and concerns. When you send a message, the seller will receive an email notification along with the message. The message will also show up in their UniSquare private messages inbox at "My Square >> Messages".

When you complete an order, the seller's email address will be displayed on the invoice and you can contact them directly by email. To find your invoices, please visit: "My Square >> Activity >> As Buyer: Purchase History". Then browse down to the items that you have purchased and click on the invoice link under "Part Of Invoice...". This will display the entire invoice for your purchase along with the seller's contact information. If you are a seller looking to contact a buyer, please follow the same steps above except view your sold order invoices by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold". In addition, you may also contact the seller using the seller contact form.

The first step to check is to view your account preferences to make sure your email address is correct by visiting: "My Square >> Account" and browsing down to the "Contact Email Address" field. The next step is to check your spam/junk folder within your email address service and check to see if UniSquare emails and notifications are being moved there instead of your inbox.

If you are still not receiving your emails, it could be because your email service is blacklisting UniSquare. This means that your emails get totally deleted rather than making it to the junk/spam folder. IMPORTANT: To get around this, you may need to manually add our email addresses to your address book:
contact@unisquare.com - Notifications, support issues, billing, registrations and nearly everything else.
support@unisquare.com - Other secondary support issues.

This method still may not always work and you may have to contact your email hosting service.

For questions about items or orders that have already been completed at UniSquare, it is best to contact the buyer or seller directly through the tools on our site or by directly contact email through invoices. Please read the steps on contacting seller about an item and contacting a buyer/seller after an order has been placed. Seller may be able to provide you with information on processing times, tracking numbers, shipping estimates, additional charges and other information.

Reporting Problems

In some cases, you may need to cancel a sale due to non-paying buyers or fraudulent buyers. To do this, please visit your sold order invoices page by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold". Find an item you have sold that you would like to cancel and select "Cancel Invoice" from the Options dropdown menu for that item. This will bring you to your invoice page with a notice explaining what happens when you cancel an invoice and a finalization link to complete cancelation.

Canceling an invoice will cancel the sale of all items in the invoice at one time. Your invoice will be deleted out of the system, your sold items will be automatically re-listed for sale (or quantity re-stocked), and any fees due to UniSquare from the invoice will be erased. If you have already paid your UniSquare fees via PayPal, please contact us and we'll gladly refund them manually.

First contact the buyer or seller directly through the member contact form or directly by their contact email address on invoice, and try to work out the problem. It's likely that the seller will respond and work something out. Sometimes a buyer or seller is gone for a few days or it takes some time to wait for a payment to be confirmed by the seller and your items shipped out.

Problems with the buyer - In the case of a non-paying buyer who doesn't get back in touch, or fraudulent buyer, you can simply cancel your sale with them, which will delete the invoices, automatically re-list your items and erase any UniSquare fees. In the case of a fraudulent buyer, such as one who sends fake checks and money orders, please contact us and report the buyer and we'll ban their account. NEVER ship anything out until you receive an actual payment.

Problems with seller - If the seller does not get back in touch and does not respond to your numerous emails, you may want to request your money back. For buyers, we highly recommend that they use PayPal because of their Buyer Protection Program's extremely high success rate of returning money back to the buyer in case of fraudulent sales and disputes. If a seller only accepts checks or money orders and also has very little feedback, this is a red flag because it's much harder to get your money back from these methods. You would need to contact your bank and try finding a way to get your money refunded. If you believe a seller is fraudulent, please contact us so we can look into their account and ban them if necessary.

It is possible to block multiple buyers from purchasing your items. Simply visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences and then browse down to the "Block Members" field. Enter the buyer's username into the text field. Separate multiple buyers with commas if you would like to block multiple members.

To report a suspicious item, you can report this to us. Please view the item page and click on the "Report Item" link. This will take you to a form where you can describe what is suspicious about it and submit it to us. We will review the item and seller's account and delete the item and/or ban the seller if necessary.

Opening a Store

A store is an optional, customizable feature for sellers while a member page is given to all members by default. Each has it's own URL connected with the other:

Member Page: https://www.unisquare.com/members/[username]/
Store Page: https://www.unisquare.com/store/[username]/

All of your item listings show up on your member page by default. In a store however, you must first create a customized category structure and customized category names - and then manually add your listings into the store, either when you first list an item for sale, or when you edit an item and place it in the store. A store is not required in order to sell on UniSquare, it's optional. You can upload a store logo, write a store description, customize the colors a bit and you'll have your own search engine just for searching items within your store. Note that there is no extra charge for setting up a store, it's all free!

To set up your store, please visit: "My Square >> Store" and view your store preferences and edit them as desired. By default, your store is hidden and disabled. You must enable your store from the "Store Status" field. The rest of your store preferences will allow you to give your store a custom name, description, logo and background color. Your store page will be found here:

Store Page: https://www.unisquare.com/store/[username]/

You must first create categories for your store before you can list items in your store. To add categories, please visit "My Square >> Store >> Add Categories" from the sidebar. When you first list items for sale (https://www.unisquare.com/sell/), you'll be on step 1 of 2 where you select categories to list the item in. First, click the "Click here to list this item in your store" link and select categories within your store that you want your item listed in. When you are finished, you will be redirected back to step 1 of 2 where you will select which main categories at UniSquare to also list your item in. If your item is already listed for sale, you can edit the item and choose your store categories as well.

To customize your store, you can alter the store title, description, background color and upload a logo by visiting: "My Square >> Store" to view the store preferences page. On the sidebar menu of this same page, you can also add/edit/delete store categories by visiting the "Add Categories" link.

To add customized categories and category structure to your store, please visit: "My Square >> Store" and click the "Add Categories" link on the sidebar menu of this page. This page will explain how to add, delete and edit your categories within your store. Note that you must have categories created first before you can put items inside your store. Otherwise your items will be listed normally outside of your store and inside your default member page.

To add items to your store (separate than your default member page), you must first enable and set up your store. You must then add categories in your store first in order to list items inside those categories. Once your store is enabled and your categories are set up, begin listing an item for sale here: https://www.unisquare.com/sell/. On step 1 of 2 for choosing categories, click the "Click here to list this item in your store" link above the category list. This page will allow you to select the store categories that you want to list your item in. Once you have chosen your category, you will be redirected back to step 1 of 2, where you will also choose primary UniSquare categories to list your item in. Note that you can edit previously listed items and add, edit or remove items from your store.

To add a banner, please visit: "My Square >> Store" to view your store preferences. Then browse down to the "Store Logo" field to edit and upload your banner. UniSquare will automatically resize your image.

A store title is basically the primary name of your store. This is different than your store URL, which is https://www.unisquare.com/store/[username]/ by default and cannot be changed. A store title can be something like "Jim's Hobbies and Collectibles" for instance and consist up to 80 characters. To edit your store name, please visit: "My Square >> Store" to view the account preferences. Browse down to the "Store Name" field to edit it.

A store description is a like an "About Us" paragraph which explains what your store is about. This is displayed on your store's main page as a short paragraph description. To edit your store description, please visit: "My Square >> Store" to view the store preferences page. Then browse down to the "Store Description" field to edit it.

Only one store is allowed per account. Members are allowed to have more than one account for special reasons, only if they are honest and do not conduct suspicious activities. You may not buy items from yourself (also known as shilling) - this will result in the banning of all usernames connected with you. You are also not allowed to list the same items for sale under multiple accounts. Each account requires a unique email address. Note that buyers and sellers will be informed upon sale of your other usernames and will be given a note of caution to do their due diligence, especially if you have not built up enough feedback and reputation.

Virtually anyone can be a seller. Anyone who registers an account at UniSquare can buy and sell goods at any time. You can also open up a store or shop at no additional charge. Note that you must be 18 years old or older participate in a shop that a parent or legal guardian manages.

To view your store, you can simply visit the URL below with your username inserted:


Note that your store must be enabled before you can view it. Once it is enabled, you may view your store from a "Visit My Store" link on each of your item listing pages or your member page (https://www.unisquare.com/members/[username]/).

To see the public view of your store, simply log out of your account and visit your store page. It's pretty much the same view, except the admin options and editing links will be removed when you are not logged in.

Kids and children under the age of 18 may only sell on UniSquare under an account that is managed by their parents or legal guardians. This is due to legal reasons.

UniSquare is a global, universal marketplace for all nationalities. Anyone is welcome to set up shop and open their own square at UniSquare. Please note that we highly recommend writing a clear shipping and shopping policy to let people know if they can buy from your store or not. If you are an international buyer, please read the seller's policies or contact them to see if they will allow international purchases.

Only one store is allowed per account. To have more than one person operating the same store, you would need to share your login credentials with multiple operators so they can login to the same store. All fees and feedback are attached to only one single account though.

Creating and Editing Listings

At UniSquare, you may sell just about anything. There are a few illegal items you may not sell:
narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, drug paraphernalia, items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, items that are considered obscene, items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction, certain sexually oriented materials or services, or ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or ,certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.

To list an item, you must first register for an account at UniSquare. Once you have an account, click the "Sell/Auction" link at the very top of the page, just to the right of the "My Square" link (or visit: https://www.unisquare.com/sell/ directly). On this page, you begin with step 1 of 2 where you can select up to 2 categories to list your item in. Once you have selected the categories, you will be taken to step 2 of 2 where you will fill out an item title, description, upload up to 12 images, select the sale format, enter prices and quantities and choose your shipping options and prices. Once you are done, click the "Finalize Submission" button and your item will be live!

Whenever you list an item for sale, it will always appear on your member page (https://www.unisquare.com/members/[username]/). Your member page is different than your customizable and optional store page (https://www.unisquare.com/store/[username]/). To list an item in your store, please read our guide on listing items inside your store.

When you list your item for sale under the "Buy It Now" format, you can enter in any quantity of an item. However for auctions, the quantity will be "1" by default and cannot change. Only one item can be bid upon at a time. You may want to list your item in lots - such as listing quantity 1 lot full of 20 items for example. There is no additional charge for any quantity of item. In fact, we charge no listing fees and no commission fees at all.

When you upload your photos, UniSquare will automatically resize them, so you do not have to worry about this. Although there are memory and filesize limitations which could prevent an extremely large photo from uploading. It's ideal to keep your photos below 3000x3000 pixels and/or less than 3 MB (Megabyte) in size. We can accept larger photos, but there is a risk that they may not upload properly. If your photos are not showing up in the listings, it's likely because they exceeded the maximum filesize and memory limits at UniSquare.

If you do not have, or do not know how to use Adobe Photoshop, a great and free tool for optimizing images can be found at: http://www.imageoptimizer.net. This tool will optimize your images by reducing their filesizes and resize the images. This is a great tool to save disc space on your computer's hard drive as well! Oftentimes, people do not realize that a raw 20MB photo can be shrunk down to 1MB or less, and the image will appear visually identical!

Listing variations are things like item sizes, colors, materials and etc. for the same item. For instance, a shoe can have more than 10 sizes, colors or combinations of sizes and colors. A t-shirt or pair of jeans is the same way. At UniSquare, you can offer different variations of sizes, colors or up to 5 custom variant types for your items. To do this, view step 2 of 2 when listing an item for sale. Browse down to the "Multiple Product Variations" section just below the item title. Then click on the "Click here to add variations of your products (multiple sizes, colors, etc.)" link to open up the interface.

Sellers first select up to 5 different variant types (sizes, colors, patterns or any custom variant name). Once this is done, UniSquare will automatically build a grid of all of the different product variation combinations available. You can then enter a unique quantity, price, UPC/MPN code and 1 image for each combination you are offering. You can add and delete a combination at any time. Once you save your table, and then complete your item listing, the variations will be available for the buyer. On the buyer's side: Buyer's will see dropdown boxes where they can select product variation options before adding an item to their shopping cart. UniSquare will let them know if a product type is sold out. This works in a very similar fashion to how it's done on eBay.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com and other major online retailers.

To edit a listing, simply view the page where the item is listed and click the "Edit Listing" link under the "Page Admin Options" on the right-hand sidebar menu. In addition, you can also visit "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Active Selling" to view a list of all the items you are currently selling. On the list, click the "Edit" link under the "Options" column to edit the listing.

The listing number is automatically generated after your listing is created. That number becomes part of the web address URL of your item. For example, if you list the 1 millionth item on UniSquare, your item listing number would be 1000000 - and your item web address would be: https://www.unisquare.com/item/1000000/ . When you view your item page, you can find your item number by looking in the web address bar on your internet browser, or you can view the "Other Information" section on the right-hand sidebar and look for "Item Number" to find your item's listing number.

Make sure your images are formatted as .JPG, .GIF or .PNG - which are the only formats allowed for uploading. The most common problem on why an image will not upload is because it's too large in pixel-wise dimensions or the filesize is too large in Megabytes. UniSquare does have memory limitations on how large a single image file can be for upload. Please read our guide on ideal image sizes for upload to learn about the most ideal sizes for images.

If you already have an item listed for sale and would like to make a copy, please visit your item listing page and click the "Clone This Item" link under the "Page Admin Options" on the right-hand sidebar menu (This link appears only when you are logged in). This will bring up the listing screen with all the copied categories and, titles, descriptions and everything all filled out. You just need to edit these fields slightly to list a similar problem. Note that exact duplicate items are not allowed. The new item must be different than the copy. Instead of listing a duplicate, please increase the quantity of your existing item.

If you do not have an item listed, but see someone else's item listed for sale that is similar to yours, you can visit the item page and click the "Sell one like this" link located above the item description. Note that you must be logged in to view this link. This will copy only the categories but not the seller's details. You must fill out the details.

A title is the main headline of your item that appears on your listing page, search results, category listings and even the major search engines such as Google. A subtitle is a secondary heading which you can use to add more important details about the item. The maximum length for both of these fields is 80 characters. Please do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This can prevent your item pages from ranking in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, due to their ranking algorithms considering ALL-CAPS as a potential flag for spam - hence less visitors and less potential customers.

At UniSquare, you can sell just about anything except a few of these prohibited items: narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, drug paraphernalia, items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, items that are considered obscene, items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction, certain sexually oriented materials or services, or ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or ,certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.

Of course! In fact, we have an entire category inside our Home & Garden Marketplace dedicated to Food & Wine. So you can sell just about any kind of edible food and drink here that does not violate the law.

To delete a listing, simply view the page where the item is listed and click the "Delete Listing" link under the "Page Admin Options" on the right-hand sidebar menu. Note that you must be logged in for your page admin options and links to appear on this page. In addition, you can also visit: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Active Selling" to view a list of your items for sale. You can then click the "Delete" link under the "Options" column for each item in the list. Note that you cannot delete an auction listing once someone has bid on it.

If your listing disappeared from your list of items, it's possible that it was sold out and removed. You can view your sold item invoices to see if this was the case by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold". When an item is sold, you should receive an email notification anyways. It's also possible that you had an auction that expired with no bids (not set for automatic re-listing too). You can find these unsold items by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Unsold".

If all of your items have disappeared and you know they were not sold or expired, it's possible that your account was locked or banned due to some reason. Fraudulent and shady accounts are banned permenantly. In some cases, we need to lock an account due to invalid information in the account preferences, such as an invalid PayPal ID, email address or something else. When your account is locked, your items will be hidden automatically (not deleted permanently).

To renew an expired listing, simply visit your unsold items list by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Unsold". There are three options available under the "Options" column for each item in the list. You can "Edit and Relist" item, which will allow you to edit the listing first before re-listing it. You can "Relist w/o Edit" to instantly re-list the item as it was before with no edited changes, or your can "Delete" the item and remove it permanently. Note that when you list an item for sale, you can change the duration to "Run Until Canceled", which will automatically re-list for sale indefinitely until it is manually canceled, sold out or bid upon.

When you list an item for sale, you can list the item duration for any amount of days as you want between 1 and 30 from the dropdown menu on step 2 of 2 of the item listing process. You may also select an option called "Run Until Canceled", which will initially list your item for 30 days and will automatically re-list your item for sale every 30 day cycle, indefinitely until the item is either sold out, manually canceled or bid upon. This way your item will cycle through to the top of the category listings and homepage for more exposure every 30 days and so on.

Seller Features

UniSquare allows all sellers the ability to create their own coupon codes, discount codes and promo codes. To manage your coupon codes, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Coupon Code Management" field and click the edit link to manage your coupons. You can delete these at anytime.

You can configure an unlimited number of coupon codes with no additional costs nor fees. During the creation of a coupon code:
Step 1 allows you to enter the custom code text that you want to use.

Step 2 allows you to choose three different coupon types: Free shipping on an entire order, a Percentage Discount off the subtotal, or a fixed-price discount off an order. (The fixed-price discount can be used like a gift certificate for example).

Step 3 allows you to specify who the coupon code applies to: The general public or specific members. (You may only want to give a coupon code for your most loyal buyers for example). You can specify multiple members for each coupon code by separating their usernames with commas.

Step 4 allows you to specify whether the coupon code can be used an unlimited number of times or just a one-time use.

In the case of PayPal, when a buyer successfully completes a payment, the order status should automatically change to "Marked as Paid". For payments by checks, money order or payment upon local pickup, you must manually "mark" the invoice as paid. To view the order statuses of your sold items, please visit: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold". In the "Options" column is a dropdown box where you can select "Marked as Paid" or "Mark as Unpaid". NEVER ship anything out until you ACTUALLY receive payment, even from PayPal, regardless of whether the invoice says "Marked as Paid".

The most powerful, easy and free way to market your items is through a technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). UniSquare already has many SEO features and techniques integrated "in the background" of the site, so you do not need to worry much about it. Make sure you write a descriptive, unique, and accurate title and description for your item. Use "keywords" or words in your articles that people would be searching for on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These words usually include brand names, item features, model numbers or codes, and specific information that people would search for.

These SEO techniques are used primarily to get your items to rank better in the search results when hundreds of millions of people search for things to buy on Google. We wrote an extensive guide on SEO and web marketing based on nearly a decade of our own world-class experience. It's a 101 guide to SEO and much of it is very simple to understand and learn. This explains how to get your items found more easily and quickly in all of the major search engines such as Google, where millions of people are searching for things to buy. So check it out!

In summary, the best way you can control how you rank high in the search engine is to write an accurate and descriptive title, sub-title and description. Whatever you do, do not leave your description blank, because how can your items be found on the search engines if there is nothing explaining your item, nor any keywords!

To view all of your active listings, simply visit your member page: https://www.unisquare.com/members/[username]/ and browse through the list. You can also view your active listings by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Active Selling".

Your complete order details and shipping address for the buyer, can be found in your sold invoices page by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold". This displays a list of each item sold. On each invoice, there is a link called "Part of Invoice #". Click on the invoice number to view the entire invoice and all items within the invoice, buyer details, payment information, shipping methods chosen by buyer and other sub-total information.

Indeed. We have an achieved list of all items sold from most recent to oldest, along with the prices that they were sold at. To view a list of sold items on UniSquare, please visit: https://www.unisquare.com/reference-guides/recent-sales/

Sellers on UniSquare can bulk import, bulk edit, bulk delete and export items on UniSquare through a TXT (Tab Delimited Variables) file or CSV (Comma Separated Variables) file. To learn more, please read our complete guide on bulk uploading items on UniSquare. To view your bulk upload manager, please visit: "My Square >> Account" and browse down to the "Bulk Upload Management" field.

In addition, if you have items for sale or up for auction on eBay, you can import your eBay items to UniSquare and sync your items as well, with just one click! Click here to read more about importing your items from eBay to UniSquare.

Account Settings

You can accept sales tax from your customers. To do this, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Browse down to the "State" and "State Sales Tax" fields and edit these. In the "State" field, enter what state you reside in so buyers are asked if they also reside in the same state. After this is done, edit the "State Sales Tax" and enter you state's sale tax rate percentage. If your state has a sales tax rate of 7%, enter 7.00 into the field. This is all that is required. During the checkout process, buyers will be asked if they reside in the state that you reside in and they will be prompted with a checkbox to accept the additional charges for sale tax.

The shipping rules allow you configure a shipping discount (combined shipping) for your buyers. To configure your shipping rules, visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Shipping Rules" field to edit it. Your shipping rules are automatically and immediately applied to ALL items you have for sale on your account.

By default, buyers are charged the full shipping rate that you have set for each item they add to the cart and the additional shipping rate for additional quantities of the same item.

If you choose the "Discounted Shipping" option, the greatest full shipping rate is applied only once for each shipping method. This means the most expensive shipping rate for an item in the shopping cart will be charged one time for each unique shipping method you have selected for your items. For another example: If a buyer chooses overnight shipping for one item and 2-3 day shipping for another, they will be charged the full shipping rate for each of those shipping methods - which will prevent the seller from losing money as well. Then the additional shipping rate for each additional item added to the cart will only be applied from then on (if the shipping methods for those items are the same of course). This allows you to combine shipping costs before buyers checkout to give them better deals. This also prevents the seller from losing money if the buyer chooses multiple shipping methods for multiple items at the same time!

You can write up account-wide return policies, shipping policies and other policies/instructions. To configure your policies, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Return Policy & Instructions" field to edit them. First you can set up your return policy. You can choose to accept returns or not accept returns. If you accept returns, you can set up your rules and write a return policy.

Below this is an "Additional Checkout Instructions" field. This is where you can write about your shipping policies, which countries you are willing to ship to and so on. You may also write about any other policies or purchasing instructions here. These policies will show up on all of our current and future listings. When you edit these policies, they will be updated on all items simultaneously.

We have a vacation setting which will hide all of your current item listings and display a status message on your account page. To configure your vacation mode, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. The browse down to the "Vacation Mode" field to edit. To enable vacation mode, you are required to write some kind of message such as "I am on vacation and will be back in X days..." for example. When you come back again, simply visit this page and delete everything in the text box and then save changes. This will disable your vacation mode and display your items again.

Your store and your account are two different things. Your optional and customizable store page is located at: https://www.unisquare.com/store/[username]/ (which is different than your permanent, default member page: https://www.unisquare.com/members/[username]/). To disable your store, please visit "My Square >> Store" to view your store preferences page. Then browse down to the "Store Status" to edit and disable your store (which will hide it, not delete it permanently). This can be enabled again at anytime.

To close your UniSquare account permanently, you must contact us so we can do it manually as it is not possible for users to delete their own accounts. If there are no current fraudulent activities or questionable disputes, we will gladly delete your account and personal information on file. This is a permanent action, but you can sign up again in the future under the same username if you'd like.

You can configure a shipping discount in the form of an account-wide combined shipping for buyers. To do this, please read our instructions and information about setting up your shipping rules.

If you disabled your customized store from being viewed, you can re-open it again by visiting: "My Square >> Store" to view your store preferences page. Browse down to the "Store Status" and click the edit link. You can then enable or disable your store at any time. Note that when you disable your store, your categories are still saved, but anything inside your store is hidden.

When you set up your store, you can create your own custom store categories. These are completely independent of the primary UniSquare browsing categories. Your store categories are unique to you since you created them with customized names. Note that when you list an item for sale, you have the option to add it to one of your store categories if your store is enabled, but you are required to place it in a primary UniSquare browsing category.

Collecting Payments

There is one ways that sellers can accept credit card payment: PayPal. This means a seller must register for a Business or Premier PayPal account at http://www.paypal.com. Accepting PayPal as a payment method will automatically allow buyers to purchase using a credit card, even if they do not have a PayPal account themselves. They can pay with a credit card through the PayPal system and the funds will be deposited and will appear in your PayPal account balance.

It's easy to open a PayPal account. Simply visit http://www.paypal.com and register for an account. If you are new to PayPal, it will take a few days to open your account and verify your bank account. All members are required to have a bank account connected with PayPal so that you can transfer money between the two. PayPal is an online payment processor and is like a virtual bank account. You can request a free debit card as well. Note that you must decide whether you want a personal account or business account. You cannot accept credit cards and there is a limit on how much money you can receive each money on a personal account. You need a business account or premier account to accept credit cards and have no limit on receiving payments. Note that there are small fees involved, usually 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Unfortunately no. For a short time, UniSquare once allowed buyers and sellers to use Amazon Payments on our marketplace since Amazon was strongly promoting and marketing their services to be used by developers (such as UniSquare) to facilitate payments between buyers and sellers. We assumed this meant a marketplace and online auction type environment where buyers and sellers are sending money to each other. A month after UniSquare spent the time and money to develop, integrate and make Amazon Payments available as a payment method for members, Amazon decided to ban all use of their service on UniSquare due to a breach in their terms and conditions. According to their terms and conditions, online marketplaces and auction sites (like UniSquare) are not allowed to facilitate payments between buyers and sellers using Amazon Payments. Amazon does not want marketplaces such as UniSquare competing with their own marketplace. To learn more about this issue, please read this review about Amazon Payments.

You can accept checks, money orders and payment upon local pickup and a customer drives to your location and picks up the item. Note that each of these methods are more risky than online payment processors such as PayPal. If someone goes wrong with a fraudulent buyer, it's harder to get your items returned to you. That's why we strongly recommend to NEVER ship anything out until you ACTUALLY receive a payment. It's a common scam tactic for people to send out bounced checks and fake money orders in the hope that you send out your items before the checks clear (or you find out the checks, money orders are fake). With PayPal, at least there is a Buyer and Seller protection program that can insure you in the case of losses to fraud.

To configure your payment methods, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Payment Methods" field to edit your payment methods. You can accept 3 different methods: PayPal, Checks or Money Orders and Payment Upon Pickup. If you want to accept one or more of the payment methods, simply check the checkbox next to each one. For PayPal, you will need your PayPal email address that you use to login to PayPal.

For checks and money orders, you must enter in the "payable to" field with your full name to write the check to and address to send the check to. This information is only displayed on the invoice to the buyer so that they have this information readily available for them. For payment upon pickup, you simply enter in the address where you and the item are located. Again, this information is only displayed on the invoice for the buyer. This payment method is available if you would like the buyer to meet you personally and pay when they pick up the item. This is a useful method of payment for extremely large or valuable items in which you want to make sure the buyer is there personally to pay and handle the goods themselves.

When you sell an item, you should receive an instant email notification from UniSquare when you sell something. If you do not receive your message, it is likely in your email spam folder or is being blocked by your email service provider. You should receive a link in your email directly to the invoice. Otherwise, your list of items sold and invoices can be found by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold".

Your invoice status will initially be "Marked as Unpaid", unless a buyer successfully pays with PayPal - which will automatically change the status of the invoice to "Marked as Paid" according to service IPN responses. If a buyer chooses to pay using a different payment method, you must wait until you actually receive your payment and then manually change the status for each item to "Marked at Paid". To change the item payment status, view the "Options" column and select "Mark as Paid" or "Mark as Unpaid" from the dropdown menu. NEVER ship anything out until you VERIFY that you actually received a payment and/or your checks/money orders clear!! Even if the invoice is "Marked as Paid" by PayPal, ALWAYS check to make sure the money is actually in your PayPal account. Once you receive your payment, simply ship your items out as usual.

There are 3 different payment methods you can accept: PayPal, Checks or Money Orders, and Payment Upon Pickup Locally. You can configure these by following these instructions. Please note that you can also accept credit card payments through the PayPal Payment system. You must have a Business or Premier account at these online payment processors first and buyers will be able to pay with a credit card to your PayPal account, even if the buyer does not have a PayPal account themselves.

If you would like to invoice your buyer directly, this should be arranged with the buyer before they checkout. The buyer can simply select PayPal as their payment method and follow through with the purchase. But when they get to the PayPal payment screen, tell them to close up the window and not pay. This will create the standard invoice on UniSquare, file your items as sold, record any UniSquare fees and etc inside our system - But will mark the invoice as "Unpaid" and allows the buyer to pay the balance at any point later in time.

To view your invoice, please visit: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold" to view the list of items sold. Click the link where it says "Part of Invoice #" to view the full invoice. Here, you can simply use this data to create a manual payment invoice at PayPal. To create an invoice at PayPal, go to "http://www.paypal.com >> Login >> Request Money >> Create Invoice". For invoice type, select "Goods". Then use any data you need from the UniSquare invoice to fill out your PayPal invoice and click "Send Invoice" to send the invoice to the buyer for them to pay.

Once you confirm your payment, simply view your sold items list at: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold", and select "Mark as Paid" from the dropdown menu under the "Options" column. This will mark your items as paid off and you can ship them out. NEVER ship items out until you confirm that you actually received payment!

The most common reason is when a buyer completes the checkout process and elects to pay with PayPal, a UniSquare invoice is created, but the buyer does not have to pay right away. They can close up their PayPal payment window and pay at a later time through the invoices page (which is common when buyers and sellers need to create PayPal invoices or make changes to the invoice). In this case your invoice should be "Marked as Unpaid", so always check this on your list of sold items by visiting: "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Sold".

If your items are automatically "Marked as Paid", it means the buyer successfully completed a PayPal payment and PayPal notified our IPN script that payment was completed. Sometimes this is the case and your money still doesn't show up in your PayPal account. This almost always caused by a security check by PayPal to purposely delay payment while they check into the buyer's account, seller's account or both accounts at PayPal. This is especially common when PayPal is dealing with new members who haven't earned enough trust or reputation yet. PayPal does this to prevent fraudulent transactions.

In addition, a buyer may have paid using PayPal eCheck, which takes 3-4 business days to complete (7-8 business days for banks outside of the United States). So if your item is "Marked as Paid", NEVER ship your items until you actually confirm and receive payment!.

If there are still delays and problems, you can contact PayPal and see what might be going on:

PayPal Help Center: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/helpweb?cmd=_help
PayPal Contact page: https://www.paypal.com/contactus
PayPal #: 1-888-221-1161

Leaving Feedback for Users

Feedback is only left after a sale. Both the buyer and seller can leave feedback for each other. To view a list of feedback "tasks" or members awaiting feedback, please visit: "My Square >> Activity >> Members Awaiting Feedback". Under the "Options" column, click the "Leave Feedback" link to be taken to the feedback form where you can leave positive, neutral and negative feedback, along with a written comment up to 1000 characters.

For every feedback left on your account, you can write a response to that feedback. If there were issues during the sale which lead to negative or neutral review, it gives the chance for the other party to respond to those feedbacks. To view your feedback page, login and please visit: "My Square >> Activity >> My Feedback Ratings". Under each feedback comment, there is a "Reply to this feedback" link which will take you to the form where you can write a response.

In some cases, UniSquare can remove unjustified negative feedback. For instance, if a seller received negative feedback from a buyer who did not read the entire item description, this would be considered unjustified negative feedback (as long as the seller wasn't trying to deceptively hide information in small text). Blackmailing or extorting buyers/sellers while holding their perfect feedback record hostage is unacceptable and negatives will be removed in this case. Negative feedback from trolling members and suspicious new members will be removed. Negative feedback from un-communitive buyers or sellers who do not respond to emails, will be removed. The guidelines above are not "set in stone", feedback will still be reviewed on a case by case basis. To have feedback reviewed, please contact us

Web and Traffic Stats

All items record the visitor count in the background at all time. The count shows the total number of visitors since the item page was created. To display the basic count on your item pages, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Browse down to the "Visitors Counters" field and click the edit link and enable the counters. You can disable the counters at any time. Again, this just affects whether the counters are displayed. Counting is done in the background at all time regardless. You can also view the visitor count quickly for all of your item listings by visiting "My Square >> Activity >> As Seller: Active Selling". The count will show up on the list when your visitor counters are enabled.

You can easily set up Google Analytics to track all visitors to all of your pages, your member page, your profile, your store page and all of your store category pages.

To get started, you must set up an account at Google Analytics and receive your Tracking ID. When you are setting up an account at Google Analytics, they ask for you to "Enter a valid URL" - Simply enter "www.unisquare.com", instead of your specific store URL. It seems that there are errors at Google Analytics when you try to register a specific store URL...

Once you receive your Tracking ID (usually in the form of: UA-XXXXXXX-X), please visit "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Google Analytics Tracking ID" field. Click the edit link, enter your Tracking ID into the field and save changes. We already integrated the required JavaScript into all relevant pages, so nothing else is required on your end. The rest is automatic - Your items and all of your pages should begin tracking immediately!

The UniSquare visitor counters simply display a basic count of how many visitors viewed your items and this data is recorded on-site. Google Analytics on the other hand, is based off-site at Google.com and records a wealth of additional data. Not only does Google Analytics count how many people viewed your item pages, but also your member pages, store pages and store categories. It also records data such as what web browsers the visitors are using, referring URLs and keywords, visitor sources, browsing behavior, charts, graphs and a lot more.

This is caused by new behavior at Google. It turns out that when someone searches for something on Google and they are signed into Google, the keyword information is not passed on and recorded into Google Analytics. So even Google's own Analytics program no longer tracks keywords used to find your item pages if the visitor was logged into Google. Here is an article by Google on why this happens: http://analytics.blogspot.com/2011/10/making-search-more-secure-accessing.html

Social Media: Facebook & Twitter

On every item listing page, there are "Share:" followed by small facebook and twitter icons just above the item description. When you click these, you'll be able to share your items on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, UniSquare has two apps that automatically share your listings after you post a new item for sale. To read about these apps and activate them, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Then browse down to the "Social Network Sharing" field and click the edit link to configure these. Note that the "Selling Feeds" are the apps that automatically share your listings. Note that you can disable these at any time.

We also have a social app to add your UniSquare store right on your facebook page. When you accept the app, your facebook page will have a 'button tab' with a UniSquare logo on it. When people click on that button, they'll be able to see and search through everything you are selling on UniSquare, through facebook. To set up this app, please visit: "My Square >> Account" to view your account preferences. Browse down to the "Social Network Sharing" field and click edit to configure this. Then go to "App 2 - UniSquare Store" under the facebook apps. You can disable this at any time.