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Tickets are some of the most bought and sold items on the internet. Folks buy admission tickets online for just about anything, including music concerts, sporting events, arts, theater and more. Big championship events like the NFL Superbowl or the playoffs, tend to bring in the biggest bucks and most cash to those who sell tickets. Many of these are in limited supplies, so once they are bought up from the source, the only way to get a ticket is to buy it from someone else.

Some of the most popular tickets to buy or sell are NFL football tickets. These can include the pre-season, regular season, divisional and wildcard playoffs, pro bowl and super bowl championship games. Playoff and Super Bowl tickets are especially the hardest to get and can cost thousands. Other football leagues can include the NCAA football tickets for college games. The regular season is popular, but so are major college bowl games like the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. Football typically begins in the early fall around August and September, and continues until the new year between December, January and February. The Fiesta Bowl and Rose Bowl are two of the hardest tickets to get in the NCAA.

Other college leagues are extremely popular, including NCAA Basketball. The tickets for these games sell out fast and can be hard to find, especially for the Regional games and Final Four championships. In March, the NCAA usually takes applications for Final Four tickets a whole year ahead of time. Many times, major sporting even tickets are given out in a lottery and filling out your application will increase your odds of being chosen by a factor of ten or more. NBA Basketball Tickets are also popular and sell out quickly. The playoffs and Championship game tickets are expensive and hard to find though.

Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), NCAA baseball and NCAA hockey are also big sporting events that sell out their tickets fast. Some of the most popular hockey tickets are those for the divisional semi-finals, the finals and the Frozen Four. NASCAR is another big sport with great ticket demand for racing, including events at NHRA, Indy and Formula 1. Die hard fans will pay big cash to attend these races and tickets sell out quite often. Soccer is another major sport, but it is largely international and requires getting tickets abroad. Tickets to the Olympics often times cost thousands of dollars, but they are very popular. There is a very limited supply of these since the Olympic games only happen ones every 4 years for the summer and winter events, 2 years between each seasonal event. People buy and sell Olympic tickets at steep prices, but these events include just about every sport you can think of, with athletes (and fans) all around the world.

Theater and Arts Tickets are different than sports, but can be just as popular. These kind of tickets include Broadway performances, Las Vegas Shows, musicals, operas, comedy shows, dances, family events and more. If you are into acting or Hollywood entertainment, tickets for film festivals are also very popular, expensive and hard to find. Even Television shows have tickets available for live audiences, and movie event tickets let people get to see sneak peaks of upcoming movies and events.

Concert Tickets are similar to theater, but they are in a branch of their own for live music performances by popular bands, artists and entertainers. Some people prefer single events to rock concerts, pop, hip-hop and rap performances, or they may purchase tickets for an entire tour. There are plenty of fans who prefer country, jazz and R&B. Dancers may want to go to electronica dance concerts, and music fans may also be interested in vocal, classical and orchestra concerts.

Please note that buying and selling tickets must be done quickly, unless an event is months or even years away. There is only a limited time before an event takes place and the tickets need to be used or sold by then. At UniSquare, you can buy and sell tickets online with only a 2% commission. We do recommend Ticketmaster as a source for buying, but for really popular events that are sold out, you may need to buy tickets elsewhere such as here. Sellers can list tickets for sale for free with no commission fees.