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Our Travel Marketplace is the site for buying and selling vacation packages, tickets and travel gear online. Depending on what season it is and how great the demand is, some trips can be quite expensive if bought new without any kind of discounts, whether it's for recreational or business purposes. Although when shopping around for awhile, folks can find some spectacular deals of 50% off or even more for luxurious packages - and they don't last long before people book them. In many cases, you do not even need to go through the auction process of bidding, but can be bought immediately. This is actually not so uncommon as resorts and cruise liners may need to book their empty rooms at the last minute - A booked room is always better than an empty room!

Some of the most interesting travel packages are called all-inclusive, which covers the cost of airfare, travel expenses, food (3 meals per day), lodging and anything else. These are some of the most convenient items to buy. Otherwise if you purchase a cruise ticket for 7 days and 7 nights for example, you need to consider how you are going to arrive at the cruise line ship. You may need to purchase airline tickets and airfare, and/or car rental.

Land-based vacations may require you to book lodging at a resort of some kind if this is your plan. Again, the all-inclusive package is great for covering your traveling expenses and food. Some resorts, hotels and retreats, especially in Las Vegas, will offer extremely good deals for lodging at their casinos, resorts and pools, and they'll even cover the costs of food and airfare for your family and friends. One reason why they do this is to attract gamblers to their casino, where they really make the big bucks!

If you have an RV (Recreational Vehicle), you may need to reserve a parking location at a campground or RV park beforehand, unless you plan on traveling most of the time and spending some time doing some tourism at various locations. You won't need to worry about lodging and accommodations since you can relocate anywhere with an RV. Although, buying vacation gear and tools such as maps would be handy.

Quite similar to an RV vacation is a Train vacation by railroad, which is always on the move. Folks may need the railway to get to connect to places between their vacation destination, but others may even be interested in a full vacation on the train. These allow the family to ride on the rail and do sightseeing through the country or through the mountains, looking at the snowy locations. Many trains provide all the food you need, bathrooms and sleeping cars so you can stay on the train the entire time.

In addition to travel packages and tickets, our marketplace also considers travel accessories that everyone needs when vacationing. Some basic things to consider buying are luggage and travel bags, luggage/baggage tags and straps, travel pillows, adapters and converters, locks and ID holders (Passport holders if you are traveling internationally).