Selling Online at UniSquare

Introduction - 100% Free, No fees

One of the main priorities of our marketplace is to make our site as simple and easy to use as possible when it comes to buying and selling online. UniSquare is set up as an alternative or supplement to ebay where you can list both your fixed priced BIN items and auctions. The categories on our site are set up like ebay's as well, so anyone who is already familiar over there will feel at home here. The major difference is it cost nothing to list items for sale here. Sellers can list unlimited items for an unlimited amount of time for free. We do not charge any fees - No listing fees, no commission fees, no monthly fees, nor any other kind fee. UniSquare is 100% free to use!

When you register for a free account with us, you get your own exclusive "Square" with an URL format like: "". So if you ever want to quickly show off your store, such as at events, on business card or a discussion forum for example, you can direct them to a short and easy-to-remember URL address where they can view and buy your inventory.

Getting started - How to list things for sale

Step 1: The first thing all sellers must do: Register a free account with us

Step 2: Once you have logged in, click the green Sell button in the upper navigation bar on top of the page. If you are listing products for the first time, you will be prompted to enter in payment methods (PayPal, Check / Money Order and/or Payment upon local pickup). Once your payment methods are configured, you can then select the categories from the levels of categories on the listing page. On the next page, fill out and submit your product details to go live. That's it!

Why you should sell with UniSquare - Benefits and Features

100% Free Online Marketplace and Online Auction Site As you know, ebay charges around $0.25 every 7-10 days for every item you have for sale (whether it sells or not!). In addition, they charge between 9% and 15% commission fees. If you own a store at ebay, you have to pay $16/month up to $300/month. They essentially take a huge chunk of your profit margin.

At UniSquare, there are no listing fees, no commission fees, no final value fees, no monthly fees and no registration fees. We are a 100% free online marketplace and online auction house. You can list an unlimited number of items for an unlimited amount of time. In addition, we offer sellers a generous 100 photos per item listing (for free!) - perfect for listing those big ticket items like cars, trucks, houses and collections that require many images that buyers want to see. You get to keep a much larger profit margin if you list your items at the same costs that sellers do at ebay.

With the extra profit margin, you also have room to lower prices and beat out all the competition at ebay, who can't afford to lower prices or else risk taking a loss! Your premium prices are reflected in the "compare and shop" features at the major shopping search engines and at Yahoo, Bing and TheFind. UniSquare is a powerful tool to add to your business strategy!
Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engine Marketing You don't have to be an SEO Guru to bring visitors to your store and listings, we've already done that using over 10+ years of our world-class knowledge and expertise in many of the most competitive industries on the internet! UniSquare has integrated state of the art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Dogpile and countless other search engines. This allows your items to be in view of TENS OF MILLIONS of shoppers in the organic search results!
Social Marketing with Facebook and Twitter We've developed a few facebook and twitter apps which will help you along the way. If you have a facebook or twitter account, our apps will allow you to automatically share each new product listing with your facebook friends or twitter followers. In addition, if you have a facebook page (such as for your business), we have an store app which will integrate your UniSquare store directly into your facebook page - meaning more potential shoppers and sales!
PayPal Accepted UniSquare uses safe and secure payment method: PayPal. PayPal offer buyer and seller protection, and allows business accounts to accept credit card payments. In addition, you can also accept Checks and Money Orders as well. For local businesses or high-end items, you can also allow buyers purchase your products and pay later when they pick up their products locally!
SSL Certificate Secure In addition to safe and secure payment methods, our site is also protected and secured with Certified High Grade 2048-bit SSL Encryption. Whenever you are on pages to register for an account, login, update account preferences and make purchases, you can have peace of mind that your data and sensitive information is safe!
Google Analytics Store Integration One of the most popular, free web statistic services is Google Analytics. Many websites use this to keep track of visitors, see what keywords shoppers type in when they search for products, where the visitors are coming from, how long their view your pages and a lot more. Google Analytics also has great sorting features, charts, graphics and many other "bells and whistles". Here at UniSquare, you can actually integrate your own Google Analytics account into your store, your store categories and on the items themselves!
Make a Deal or Offer Bundle Builder - Make an Offer - Not only can you buy and sell using the standard Buy-It-Now and Auction formats, you can also allow buyers to make an offer on your items. In fact, if you would like to accept offers, buyers can make a bundle offer on a bunch of items that you have for sale. We have a separate shopping cart just for offers as well if buyers would like to make offers on multiple items from multiple sellers. In your account profile, you have an organized list of which offers you've made or received, followed by options to accept and decline offers. It's free, very simple and very convenient to negotiate a great deal!
Bulk Product Upload and Export Bulk Product Import/Export - UniSquare's online marketplace now allows sellers to bulk import/upload items onto the site. Up to 10,000 items can be uploaded at one time within a tab-delimited text file (.txt) or a comma-separated variable file (.csv). In addition, members can export their existing items for edit and re-import the changes. This means once items are uploaded, you can simply create a small file and add new items, edit or delete existing items in one updated upload. Our error-analysis script helps track down any errors or corruptions in your files so they can be uploaded properly. (Note: all importable items will be listed as fixed-priced listings with unlimited duration - which will be re-listed every 30 cycle until sold or deleted.)

Import your products from eBay - In one click, you can also import your items, feedback rating, auctions and product listings from eBay directly into UniSquare's marketplace, and sync your items between the two sites!
Create Custom Store Coupon Codes UniSquare members can now create customized coupon codes, promo codes and discounts within their account. When you create promo codes for your buyers, you can set up a discount for free shipping, a percentage discount (20% off order for example) or a fixed price "gift certificate" style coupon ($20 off order for example). In addition, you can limit the coupon for everyone or to select specific members (such as your most loyal buyers). Also, you can allow the coupon code to be used unlimited times or just a one-time use. You can manage an unlimited number of codes, edit them and delete them at any time!
Create your own custom store web page Every member who registers at UniSquare get their own web URL:[username]/. In addition and like ebay, you get an optional feature to create your own customizable store with unlimited custom categories up to 6 levels deep, upload store logo, customize the color scheme and have your own store search feature. In addition, you get a unique web store address:[username]/. All of your items show up on your member page either way ([username]/) and UniSquare's main categories, but you can pick and choose which ones you want in your custom store. You can have both your auctions and BIN (buy it now) items within the store as well. Unlike ebay, your store is free, you can sell unlimited items and you never have to pay monthly fees!
Organized Invoicing and Shopping Cart Features Buyers can add multiple items from multiple sellers in their shopping cart. We store their shopping cart data so they can come back later and complete their sales. When people buy from you, it gets recorded into a simple and clean invoicing system built into UniSquare. You can view sales by invoices as well as all of the items purchased in a single sale. In addition, you get the shipping address, contact info, payment methods, notes and more, which can easily be printed off. In addition, you can also add additional charges, discounts and notes to the buyer on an invoice at any time!
Shipping Discounts for Multiple Items When you are selling many products, UniSquare allows you to configure a global shipping discount when someone purchases many different products from you. Instead of the buyer being charged the full shipping rate for every item (which you could do if you want), you can allow the buyer to pay the largest shipping rate for one item and a smaller additional rate (or free shipping) for each additional item. This feature is attractive for buyers looking for discounts in shipping.
Private Messaging Interface UniSquare has a built in private message inbox which allows you to conveniently exchange unlimited messages between members within your account on-site. You can keep track of your contacts, sent/received messages and sales alerts here on the site. When someone contacts you, an email will be sent to your registered contact email address as well!
Feedback and Reputation System Buyers and sellers can leave feedback for each other with ease. Member's administration page also displays which members you need to leave feedback for, making it easy to keep track of and encourages people to leave more feedback in order to build your reputation! Feedback pages allow people to view positive, neutral and negative feedback as well as your feedback as a buyer, as a seller and feedback left for other members. In addition, UniSquare will allow you to insert your previously earned positive feedback and username from ebay, which is displayed on your feedback page!