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Musical Instruments have been around since ancient times. In fact, it has been discovered that the simple flute was used over 67,000 years ago and were originally built using bone, wood, stone, animal skins and other primitive materials. As history went on, thousands of different instruments were created for varying types of music. Many of them are quite exotic with unique cultural designs and sounds. Nowadays, the most popular instruments are electronic, brass, guitar or string and pianos. In addition, there are many accessories and equipment to go along with them, including speakers, amplifiers and professional audio gear - which are typically used for modern DJ equipment.

At UniSquare, we can help you buy and sell your music instruments. If you have an unused piece that you no longer need, you can sell it to someone looking online for a used music instrument. Or you may be looking for brand new instruments that retailers, manufacturers, builders dealers are selling here on our music instrument marketplace. There are thousands of different instruments, tools, gear and pieces of equipment that can be listed here. Antiques and vintage musical instruments can be listed here for the collector as well.

Brass music instruments are some of the most popular for school use in band class and for the orchestra. Horns like Tubas, Baritones, Trumpets, Cornets and Trombones are some of the more common ones for playing music. Others like French Horns, Mellophones, Sousaphone, Euphonium and Flugelhorns are other types of brass instruments of varying difficulty. These also require special mouthpieces made of solid metal, unlike the woodwind instruments that require a wooden reed.

Guitars are another type of string instruments that are very popular in rock and roll, country music and in small private bands. There are many types of guitars including the Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, being the most popular. The Acoustic version is quite popular as a vintage instrument while the electric one is more modern and used in rock bands of today. Guitars often have lots of parts and accessories like pedals, amps and tuning equipment that needs to go along with them for maintenance.

The other string instruments are not quite as popular as guitars, but are used in more classical music. Popular ones include the Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Fiddle, Cello, Upright Bass Guitars, Ukulele and the Harp. The Banjo could also fall into this category as well, which is used in vintage country and bluegrass music. Like guitars, the strings on these instruments need to be tuned from time to time along with maintaining parts.

Woodwind instruments are just as popular as brass and are used very often in the school band and orchestra hall. Some of these instruments are actually made mostly of brass, but many are made out of wood. The difference is that their mouth pieces are made of a wooden or plastic reed rather than a solid metal piece. So they are played a little differently. Also, some instruments do not need a reed mouthpiece but can fall into the woodwind category. The flute is an example of this as it is a reedless wind instrument and can be classified as an aerophone. Some of the most popular woodwind instruments are Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Bassoon, Oboe, Didgeridoo, Piccolo, Whistles and others. Bagpipes fall into this classification as well, although they are not as common.

Another type of instrument that is popular in everything from the the school band, marching bands, orchestras and private music rock bands, are percussion instruments. The most common of these musical instruments are the drums. These make music notes and sounds by striking them with either a drumstick, special part, another instrument or by hand. Cymbals, Tambourines, Drums, Bass Drums, Bells, Xylophones, Vibes, Marimbas, Shakers and Blocks are just some of the examples of percussion instruments. There are even electronic drum machines that can produce digital drum sounds or be programmed to produce other percussion sounds.

Lastly, the piano and organ musical instruments are popular in professional performances, though they can be quite difficult to master. These can range from the antique and vintage grand pianos, pipe organs and modern electric organs (or keyboards). The classical piano needs to be maintained and tuned from time to time as they have strings connecting the piano keys. While the electric keyboards fall under the electronic instruments category. These can be programmable to emit all kinds of different sounds. A keyboard can play like a piano or can be programmed to make cymbal sounds or horn-like sounds.

All musical instruments need other equipment like cases, stands, tuners and even metronomes depending on what instrument you have. These are essential to protect them from damage, maintain them and properly store them away. If you are selling used instruments, you can get more value out of them if they are still in great or like-new condition. Also, vintage instruments will be work much more if they are kept in top shape. If you plan on keeping your instruments for personal use, you may want to buy sheet music and song books to learn different styles of music and new songs. If you are first starting as a beginner, instructional books and guides are a must for practicing how to play a musical instrument.

Pro Audio Equipment is typically used for professionals like DJs (Disc Jockeys) and Rock Bands for professional performances and music tours. This equipment is also desired for recording albums and records professionally, radio broadcast and musician rehearsal. Pro audio can commonly include soundproofing and studio foam to keep sound out of recordings. multi-track recorders, computer recording equipment, mixers, rack gear, monitors and speakers are tools that professionals need to use. During live performance, equipment like amplifiers, capacitors, microphones and high quality audio cables are a must.

If you are interested in actual music (CD's, vinyl records, cassettes and etc.), please check out our Music Marketplace. Also check out our related category for Antique Music Instruments for older, pre-1930 vintage instruments.