About Us

UniSquare is an online "universal square" or marketplace for buyers and sellers. Buyers can shop online and purchase items directly from independent sellers, who list their own products for sale on UniSquare. Members can buy and sell just about anything here. This is a US-based site created by an unemployed physicist with computer programming, web development experience and who is also an 24-year expert in coin collecting. UniSquare was launched in 2011 and we have over 24 years of experience in administering ecommerce websites and businesses, and supporting customers. Our philosophy: Simple is Better. Our goal is to make the site simple, easy to navigate and easy to use - Not to mention, affordable and profitable for users.


Before UniSquare, we created and launched a similar site one year before this one at about the same time in 2010. It is a niche online auction, marketplace and resource site for coin collectors, called: USA Coin Book. After just one year, it had over 1,000 members, averaged 850 unique visitors per day and received over 1 million page views. Three years later, it had over 4,200 members, 3,000 unique visitors per day and 5 million pages views per year! And that site only deals in a small, specialized category of collectibles. So we decided to apply our experience and the same successful model for low fees, simplicity and marketing to build a general online marketplace called UniSquare.

We ourselves have tried making money selling on eBay in the past, but their fees were just too high and they ate up the already small profit margins from sales. Their final value fees, sometimes in excess of 12%, were bad enough. The worst part was paying fees just to list the items for sale, even if we couldn't sell them! So this inspired us to create our own online marketplace with no listing fees, no monthly fees and no final value fees. This is essentially a 100% free ecommerce marketplace and auction site. This means better deals for buyers and a larger profit margin for sellers.

One of our philosophies is to keep the site simple and easy to navigate, in addition to a simple process of adding items for sale and creating online store fronts. Like on eBay, sellers can build an online web store and list unlimited items for free or they can just list items normally without setting up a store. Items can be listed in an auction format for up to 30 days or fixed price listings that can cycle forever until the item is sold or canceled, with no additional fees. UniSquare also allows members to use safe and secure payment methods such as PayPal.

Our web stores will allow members to create custom category names and category structure, sort of like how UniSquare's main website is set up. In addition, members can upload store logo, create a store name, have a store search engine, unique store URL and more. This is almost like building your own website without having to know HTML programming.

How can UniSquare be 100% free and still generate revenue?

UniSquare's revenue source: Since we are a 100% free marketplace with no fees of any kind, you may be saying that nothing in life is free, so what's the catch? There truly is no catch. Instead of producing a revenue directly from buyers and sellers, we produce revenues from 3rd party advertisements on the site. The more traffic we get, the more money we make. We've found that advertisements will produce more than enough income to cover the overhead costs of UniSquare, while ensuring strong growth and profitability of our company. With no fees of any kind, we expect to easily bring in a lot more traffic and potential buyers due to interest - which is also just one more extra bonus for sellers!

UniSquare's Enormous Marketing Potential

A major difference with UniSquare is our targeted marketing potential. Because our site is organized in a simple fashion, search engine optimization (SEO) was incorporated into our site during it's initial design, major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo.com are fined tuned into UniSquare and it's simple category structure and site architecture. This gives us a huge marketing advantage vs. eBay and other online marketplaces because members can find your specific items at the top of search queries in these major search engines, even if we are much smaller and have less traffic than eBay.

If the buyer finds exactly what they are looking for at the lowest prices direct through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines, that's all that matters. Remember: At UniSquare, with our 100% free shopping marketplace, you have more profit margin and pricing freedom to work with vs. other competitors on eBay. Even if you already own a website, you can still use UniSquare and its powerful search engine marketing as an extra marketing avenue for additional traffic. UniSquare is just one more free opportunity to get your inventory out in the open to our regular visitors as well as additional hits from the search engines. Just remember, there are no commission fees, no listing fees and no other fees. That's it!

Who is responsible for the site content and products?

We manage and maintain the home page and main categories, which can be browsed directly from the homepage along with their sub-categories. These category pages display a list of seller-created product listings. We also manage the template designs, backend programming, database and support. UniSquare does not buy, nor sell anything ourselves, we merely serve as an online marketplace for UniSquare members to conduct trade and transactions with eachother.

The product pages themselves (any items for sale) are created solely by independent sellers, as well as seller profile pages. We are not responsible for product page content, product legitimacy, nor do we endorse their content. Member's customized store pages (https://www.unisquare.com/store/[username]/ type pages) are also created by independent sellers, including the categories and sub-categories within those store pages. Again, we are not responsible for these. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.