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Our Clothes, Shoes and Accessories marketplace is the site for buying and selling new and used clothing, apparel and more online. Often times, it's best to buy brand new clothes unless you can find some used, secondhand clothes that are still kept in great condition. Along with normal clothing like pants, jeans and shirts, other apparel such as shoes, belts and handbags are quite popular.

Some of the more common used clothes are for babies, toddlers and young children. Boys and girls at a young age will quickly grow out of their clothes and need a bigger size. Sometimes, these clothes can be expensive, rarely used and still in good condition for resale, to be bought and sold as second hand at a discount. Some newborn apparel items include tops, bottoms, t-shirts, sweaters, swimwear, sleepwear, one-piece sets and outfits, underwear and outerwear.

Many clothes for younger kids are unisex (for both boys and girls). Boy's suits and sport coats can sometimes be hard to find anywhere, while girls dresses become more popular for them later on. Accessories include bibs for babies, hats, gloves, socks and mittens for the outdoors. Children also outgrow their small shoes and winter boots quite quickly and can be sold as used while still being in great condition.

A more extensive selection is involved for older children and adult men and women. Jeans are the most popular type of pants for all sexes. Although at work, you may be required to wear dress pants (Khakis for example) and a dress shirt according to the dress code. The same goes for blazers and sports coats for professional fashion, or coats and jackets for the outdoors. Some apparel accessories for men include belts, belt buckles, ties, briefcases, bags or backpacks, hats, wallets, day planners and sunglasses.

For women, casual apparel can include dresses, shirts, rompers, blouses. Although, casual jeans are just as popular. Other clothing for women include leggings, hosiery, stockings, pantyhose and thigh-highs. Lately, women's intimates and sleepwear include items such as bras breast forms and enhancers, panties, camisoles, corsets, bustiers, shapewear, robes and slips.

In addition to the extensive selection of women's fashion, various kinds of women's shoes are popular to buy, including high heels, flip flops, sandals, flats and oxfords. Hair accessories are just as popular. Some examples of hair accessories include scrunchies, wigs or hair extensions, barrettes, clips and claws, hairnets and snoods, headbands, ponytail holders, sticks, combs and picks.

While most men prefer wallets for holding their ID cards and small documents, women are usually interested in purses and handbags. Some of these handbags made by specific designers and are quite luxurious, often hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When shopping for handbags, check out used women's handbags to get great deals or discounts on buying them, depending on the condition they are kept in. Although even men sometimes have man purses (or a "Murse") and fanny packs for carrying money and other fashion accessories with them. It's all part of the style and fashion.

Other than the every day, casual clothing items, there are special kinds of apparel. Wedding clothing and accessories are an example of this. These kinds of items include wedding dresses for the bride, tuxedos for the groom, bridesmaid dresses for female friends and family, attire for boys and dresses for girls. Some wedding accessories for men include ties, jackets, suits, sports coats, vests, cravats, bow ties, and cummerbunds while bridal accessories include gloves, tiaras or headbands, veils, undergarments, lingerie, garters, combs, pins and parasols just to name a few.

For the athletic enthusiast, other kinds of outdoor apparel are popular. Almost everyone has a pair of running shoes either for jogging or for playing sports outdoors. Shorts and short sleeve t-shirts are typically great for keeping you cool when you are doing your physical activity outdoors or in the gym. Another accessory for working out is a headband or sweatband for keeping cool as well. Dancewear even falls into a category of it's own and is athletic in nature as well. Dancing clothes and gear need to be considered for ballet, ballroom, belly dancing and square dancing. Some common items are skirts, dance shoes, leotards or unitards, leg warmers and pants.

For the collector, second hand vintage clothing is also sought after and interesting. Antique or vintage clothing can come from any period of outdated or retro fashion. A few fashion periods from modern to more classic times include Grunge, Goth and Hip Hop style (1990s), Punk and New Wave (1977-1980s), Mod, Hippie and Disco (1965-1970s), New Look and Early 1960s (1947-1960s), World War II (1939-1946 WWII), Depression Era (1920s-1938), Edwardian and World War I (1901-1918 WWI), and Victorian Period (Before 1901). Some of these can be quite valuable, especially original period items. Although, there are plenty of cheaper and affordable reproduction items out there.

In some cases, vintage clothes, shoes and accessories can use used as costumes. Not only can these be used for Halloween costumes, but also for use in in theater, plays and movies. For instance Civil War attire can be used for reenactment of historical events. Medieval, Renaissance and Pirate costumes have their own styles as well. An entire culture is dedicated to cosplay, or dressing up in fantasy characters of modern times, such as video game characters, television characters (think Trekies and Star Wars Fans) cartoon, anime, manga and just about anything else imaginable.

Lastly, another branch of beautiful and exotic clothes come from cultural and ethnic backgrounds. These are typically international and are not only ancient or traditional designs, but are used in modern times in every day life. Tribal African clothes typically contain many bright colors, as well as ceremonial clothing and shoes from Asia, India, Latin America and The Pacific. Even cultures in the Middle East and Europe have their own varieties of colors, styles and patterns.