UniSquare Fee Information

This page explains what fees are involved with UniSquare as well as additional fees related to PayPal. In addition, we provided some calculators at the bottom to calculate fees, savings and profits vs eBay with the auctions and fixed price listing formats.

UniSquare Fees - None!

First thing to know about UniSquare is there are no listing fees, no commission fees and no final value seller fees! It's 100% free! You may be asking how this is possible, how does UniSquare make it's money? The truth is, we make our money solely through 3rd-party advertisements throughout the site. This makes it possible for buyers and sellers to use the site for free with no fees! This means you can list an unlimited number of items for free, whether they are items up for auction or in a fixed price format. In addition, you can set up your own online storefront with custom categories and list unlimited items for free as well. Note: This does not include 3rd party PayPal fees for using these payment methods.

PayPal Fees

When you use PayPal as a payment method, they will charge a 3.49% final value fee on the grand total payment amount (including shipping and taxes). In addition, PayPal charges a fixed $0.49 on all payments by default. If you are interested in setting up an account at PayPal, please visit paypal.com.

Note: For PayPal, their fees can be discounted depending on the volume of sales you perform through them. Additional details and discounts can be found on their hopmages. They both follow the same discount model:

Absolute Total Fees at UniSquare

If a sale is completed using Check, Money Order or Payment on Local Pickup, then the absolute total fee for the entire sale is $0.00. On the other hand, if you sold an item using PayPal, you need to add the PayPal fee. Meaning: the absolute total fees for everything including PayPal turns out being 3.49% + $0.49. So the amount of profit you make depends on your payment methods. Although, PayPal can be much safer to use.

One of our goals was to limit the total amount of fees to under 3.00% because PayPal is going to actually take more money in fees on each sale than UniSquare does, since we charge no fees!

Comparing eBay Fees

eBay's Auction Format Fees - As of December 3rd, 2011, eBay is running a special where there are no listing fees applies with up to 50 items in the auction format only, per month. Otherwise, their fees for auction with starting prices or reserve prices of $0.01 to $0.99 are $0.10 per listing. For any higher starting prices, they charge a fixed fee of $0.25 up to $2.00 to a maximum of a $200 starting price ($1 for $50 starting price). These fees are charged regardless of whether the product sells or not. They also include a flat 9% final value fee. In addition, the PayPal fee is also 2.90% of the final value plus $0.30 for payment. So for a $50.00 item sold at an eBay auction, the absolute total fee with PayPal factored in turns out being 11.90% of the final value fee plus $1.30 or $7.25 if the item sells. If an auction with a $50 starting price did not sell, the fee would be $1.00 total. If you factor in their free listing special, the total fee is still the same (11.90% + $1.30), but there would be no charge if item did not sell.

eBay's Fixed Listing Format Fees - All items listed over $0.99 are charged a fixed $0.50 fee regardless of whether the item sells or not. If the item did sell, there would be a 11% final value fee added for the first $50.00 on all sales. They would also charge an additional 6% on the final value between $50.01 and $1,000.00 and another 2% for the remainder of the final value above $1,000.00 sold. PayPal also charges a 3.49% of the final value plus $0.49 fee. So for a $50.00 item sold as a fixed Buy-It-Now listing at eBay, the absolute total fee with PayPal factored in would be 14.49% plus $0.99 or $7.75 if the item sold. Otherwise it would be a flat $0.50 fee if the item did not sell.

Bells and Whistle Fees and eBay - In addition, eBay charges a number of small fees for listing enhancements. Some of these include bold text, subtitles, reserve prices, extra images, buy-it-now feature on auctions, listing in 2nd category. In addition, business and industrial items, cars and vehicles, books and other specific categories have additional fees that can be as large as a flat $125 fee in addition to the normal fees. At UniSquare, ALL of these bells and whistles are free and ALL categories incur the same flat 0% final value fee!

Fees, Savings and Profits Calculator

We provided two calculators to compare our fees to eBay in auction listing format and fixed price listing formats. These will show you what kind of fees you will pay at UniSquare vs eBay with the figure on how much money you save and how much additional profits you can make. These figures will help guide you to choosing the optimal prices and what you need to price your items at to meet your profit goals. Note: These calculators do not factor in bells and whistles fees from eBay.

Savings Versus eBay For Auctions Format:

Savings Versus eBay For Fixed-Price Listings Format (Buy It Now):