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The Baby Marketplace is the place for buying and selling baby products, gear and equipment online. Anyone with babies, infants or very young children will always need some new baby supplies for beginning child rearing and parenting, but there are also great deals when buying used or secondhand baby products such as toys and nursery furniture. Folks know that since babies grow up so fast in just a few years, it becomes necessary to sell that temporary stroller, car seat, crib and even baby toys in order to free up space for new stuff as the kid(s) older. Hence due to strong demand, buyers can potentially find great deals on used baby stuff.

Some of the more common nursery items and baby furniture found around the home include cribs, rockers, gliders, cradles, bassinets and diaper changing tables. Some of the accessories needed for bedding include mattresses, sheets, quilts, pillows, blankets, bumpers and comforters just to name a few of them. When it comes to babies, safety is the number one priority.

Some safety items and ideas to consider include locks and latches to secure doors and cabinets around the house. Outlet covers should be considered to secure electrical outlets. Safety gates help secure the baby from going down stairs or into rooms that they shouldn't be in, while bed rails keep them safe inside their crib. Corner and edge cushions help break the falls into objects such as tables and wall corners. Other important health items include baby thermometers and baby monitors. For going out of the house, a car safety seat and head support is necessary to help keep your baby safe on the road.

Baby feeding and diapering are two major tasks that every parent must perform. For feeding and baby food, folks need to buy items such as baby bottles, sippy cups, bibs, high chairs and also portable booster chairs for going out to restaurants. Some prefer breastfeeding and would need pumps and supplies, while others would need food formulas, food grinders and mills to make food edible for very young children.

As for diapering, other items of convenience can include disposable diapers or reusable cloth diapers, diaper disposal pails, diaper bags, baby wipes and changing pads. Grooming equipment must also be considered, including items like shampoo and soaps for babies, tubs and seats. Clothing and sleepwear such as layettes for the newborn are also necessary and can be bought and sold in our baby and toddler clothing department on UniSquare.

Baby playthings eventually need to be bought and include things like play pens, baby swings, carriers and slings, bouncers, walkers and saucers for mobility. Other toys may include rattlers, teethers, blocks, plush toys and other early developmental and educational toys for learning. Lastly, other items include nursery decor such as wall lettering and stickers, ceiling hangings and toys, art and murals, lamps and shades.