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The Collectibles Marketplace is the site for buying and selling collectibles online. There are simply so many different branches and types of collectibles (sometimes known as collectables) to discuss that we will not go through all of them in the article on this page. Although we will explain a few general tips and offer a few resources and links.

In general, most collectibles, especially the valuable ones, are vintage or antique in nature. These are often taken care of and kept in good condition by collectors. Oftentimes, the value largely depends on the condition and grade of an item. An item in mint condition (never used) can usually be sold for a higher amount to the right buyer. Although rarity has a major factor as well. The more rare an item is, the more valuable it can be. Lastly, even high demand for a particular item can increase it's value.

Not all collectors are interested in the value of an item. Many people are simply history buffs and like to hold on to items due to either sentimental value or even just for collecting interesting pieces that tell a story about the past. Items such as postcards have been used

Even newer items can be collected as either reproductions of vintage items. These can be used as stylish decor or decorative items around the house, and even for practical use. Again, there are so many different types of collectibles, so we will try getting an article for each separate branch, and there are a lot of them!