eBay Importer - Import your auctions and listings from eBay

Import your products from eBay to UniSquare (beta)

This feature allows you to instantly import your item listings from eBay directly into UniSquare's marketplace. There are a few rules and restrictions that apply:

  • Only live listings from eBay can be imported. Included formats: Auctions, Auctions with Buy-It-Now option, Fixed Priced Listings and Make-Best-Offer.

  • All imported items will be listed as with unlimited duration. This means listings will run indefinitely on UniSquare until item is either sold out or canceled manually. Items will automatically relist themselves for sale every 30 day cycle without any manual action required by the seller!

  • We will try to import as many details as possible, including prices, titles, subtitles, descriptions, categories, quantities, listing types, item condition, images and shipping details. We will import up to 100 images per item. Most basic HTML will be imported, but advanced code such as JavaScript will be stripped.

  • Only a limited number of items can be imported at one time in bulk. Items that didn't get imported in the initial import will be placed in queue, where you can either manually trigger the next batch to be imported (faster) or wait for our servers to automatically get around to importing your entire inventory later.

  • This feature can be used to "sync" your UniSquare listings with your eBay listings, with limitations:

    • All qualified items found on eBay for the first time will be imported.

    • If you add additional items to eBay in the future, use the UniSquare importer to import your new eBay items to UniSquare. Only the new eBay items will be imported while previously imported eBay listings will remain unchanged.

    • If you delete previously imported eBay items from UniSquare, but they still exist on eBay, these items will be re-imported.

    • Previously imported eBay items will not be updated if they have been edited on eBay. These items will be ignored if their eBay item ID is already on file at UniSquare. To edit these items, they must be edited manually on UniSquare, or deleted and re-imported from eBay again.

    • Calculated and advanced shipping options are not imported; Only flat rate shipping options and prices are imported.

    • Regarding items with multiple variants/variations (sizes, colors, etc.): The item will be imported, but the multiple variants of that item will not be imported. Although after import, you can manually edit these to build the full variations chart and product variants.

    • You have the option below (check box) to delete from UniSquare the live imported eBay item listings which no longer exist on eBay. UniSquare auctions with bids on them will not be deleted though.

  • This script will try to place your items into the most accurate categories on UniSquare. You can edit these categories manually at any time.

  • Duplicate items will not be imported. If you are already selling a live item on UniSquare and it has the same title as an eBay item that you are trying to import, this imported item will be ignored. UniSquare will keep your original listing though, and all manually created listings. Click here to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how duplicate listings can actually hurt/reduce your sales and product exposure.

  • Your feedback rating and username from eBay will also be imported/updated. Your hard-earned reputation and trust from eBay will be shown to buyers on UniSquare.