Dealing with ebay's selling limits

Many sellers may have noticed ebay's new policy on selling limits placed on both new, old and reputable sellers. It started way back in 2006, but a limit on your account could be placed out of the blue. The reason they did this was to minimize damages due to fraudulent activities, which is a noble reason. They put a limit on a secret list of items and categories which may have a high probability of fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, this inadvertently caused many problems and headaches with hundreds of thousands of honest sellers at the same time.

How does the seller limit works?

The limit is applied differently to each individual account. For instance, new members are typically limited to selling a fixed number of items per month or a monetary value in dollars, whichever is met first. When the limit is reached, you cannot sell anymore for 30 days. It doesn't matter whether you have been a member for 10 years with thousands of 100% perfect feedback or if you are a new seller.

Typically, a new member is only allowed to sell 10 items per month. Senior members may have a different kind of limit. In some examples I've seen, a member with over 3000 positive feedback get limited to 1,800 items or $10,000 per month, whichever comes first. Another member was limited to 30 items or $5,000. After you reach the limit, you are essentially shut out of business for the rest of the month.

How to remove the ebay selling limit

Apparently, the limit is determined by some mathematical model automatically, which depends on how much you sell, what your feedback rating is and other factors. It would seem logical that in order to remove the limit, you have to sell more items, wait for positive feedback to come in and get a larger limit the next month. Or you could write ebay and ask for a limit increase. All of this could become a hassle and an unexpected roadblock for power sellers or those who depend on ebay to make a living and run a business. It can also greatly affect those who rely on seasonal spikes in sales.

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