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Oftentimes, stamp collectors will list their whole US Stamp Collection for sale or up for auction. Typically this is done because sometimes it can take too much work breaking it up into pieces. Also, sometimes collections are worth more as a set than as individuals. The most important thing to think about when buying or selling a collection is to see what exactly is in the collection.

The value of a stamp collection depends on only on how rare the stamps are, but also what condition they are in. Not to mention, highly detailed depictions of the cancellations or cancel postmarks need to be show so collectors can browse through and view the quality. For instance, a bullseye cancel can be worth more if the entire mark in centered on the stamp, so postal history collectors can see a date, time and location of where it was canceled. Other collectors prefer having a very lightly canceled stamp or only a small part of it canceled, so most of the stamp is clean and visible. So really, you can't judge a book (or an album) by it's cover alone, you need to look at each piece and what the piece is telling you about it's history.