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The Writer's Handbook
The Writer's Handbook
The Writer's Handbook
2200 markets for manuscript sales
  • Softcover book by Sylvia K. Burack
  • Over 795 pages
  • Copyright © 1988 by The Writer, Inc.

Summary of Contents includes:

" Introduction
Part I: Background For Writers
Chapter 1: Everything You Need To Know About Writing Successfully - In Ten Minutes
Chapter 2: To Be A Writer: What Does It Take?
Chapter 3: The Writer's Compass
Chapter 4: Confessions of a Bibliophile
Chapter 5: Don't Think: Write!
Chapter 6: How To Find Time To Write When You Don't Have Time To Write
Chapter 7: The Writer's Eye
Chapter 8: The Best Training For Real Life - Fiction
Chapter 9: Should You Collaborate?

Part II: How To Write - Techniques
General Fiction
Chapter 10: "Commercial" vs. "Literary" - The Artificial Debate
Chapter 11: Answers to Questions on Fiction Writing
Chapter 12: The Uses of Autobiography
Chapter 13: How Do You Learn To Write?
Chapter 14: Let Fiction Change Your Life
Chapter 15: So You Want To Write A Bestseller?
Chapter 16: Magician, Actor, Runner -> Writer
Chapter 17: Building Tension in the Short Story
Chapter 18: About That Novel
Chapter 19: Using Imagination in Plotting
Chapter 20: The Reader as Partner
Chapter 21: The Hidden Censor
Chapter 22: How Well Do You Know Your Character?
Chapter 23: Love From The Neck Up
Chapter 24: What Makes A Fiction Writer?
Chapter 25: First Person Singular
Chapter 26: The Willing Suspension of Disbelief
Chapter 27: Handling Time in Fiction
Chapter 28: The Long and Short of It
Chapter 29: Getting Your Novel Started In Ten Days
Chapter 30: Dialogue in Short Fiction
Chapter 31: The Listening Ear
Chapter 32: Leave Them Wanting More
Chapter 33: Using Images in Fiction
Chapter 34: Writing Short Stories
Chapter 35: Real and Invented Places
Chapter 36: Point of View: Experiment in Living
Chapter 37: How To Be Your Own Critic
Chapter 38: Middle-of-the-Book Blues: Ten Ways To Get Your Novel Back on Track
Chapter 39: Against Nostalgia
Specialized Fiction
Chapter 40: One Clue At A Time
Chapter 41: Suspense Writing
Chapter 42: Science Fiction Today
Chapter 43: Writing the Un-Historical Novel
Chapter 44: Writing Realistic Western Fiction
Chapter 45: Creating A Series Character
Chapter 46: Horror of Horrors
Chapter 47: On Writing Science Fiction
Chapter 48: Plotting the Realistic Detective Novel
Chapter 49: Seeing Around Curves
Chapter 50: Process and Plot in the Historical Novel
Chapter 51: Horror Fiction: Exploring the Dark Side
Chapter 52: Authenticity in Crime Fiction
Chapter 53: Elements of the Police Procedural Novel
Chapter 54: How Do You Tell A Good Science Fiction Novel?
Nonfiction: Articles and Books
Chapter 55: Write To Sell: A Three-Point Checklist That Works
Chapter 56: Writing Articles from Personal Experience
Chapter 57: Research Tips to Help You Write
Chapter 58: How to Write a Winning Query
Chapter 59: Article Outlines Bring Sales
Chapter 60: Reflections of a Biographer
Chapter 61: Writing the Op-Ed Article
Chapter 62: Heading for Your First Roundup
Chapter 63: Getting Into Travel Writing
Chapter 64: Having Fun Writing Humor
Chapter 65: How to Write Good Article Leads
Chapter 66: Outlines That Sell Books
Chapter 67: Puns and Parodies Pay Off
Chapter 68: Writing for Syndicates
Chapter 69: How to Shoot Pictures to Illustrate Your Articles
Chapter 70: Tricks of the Nonfiction Trade
Chapter 71: Making a Name in Poetry
Chapter 72: Poetic Devices
Chapter 73: Form and Experimentation in Poetry
Chapter 74: Light Verse
Chapter 75: Passion and the Modern Poet
Chapter 76: Everyone Wants to be Published
Chapter 77: Writing Poetry for Children
Drama and Television
Chapter 78: Roles in Collision: A Play Begins
Chapter 79: Ten Golden Rules for Playwrights
Chapter 80: Guidelines for the Beginning Playwright
Chapter 81: How to Sell Your Television Script
Chapter 82: The S-N-A-P-P-E-R Test For Playwrights
Chapter 83: Conflict: The Heartbeat of a Play
Chapter 84: Creating Television Stories and Characters
Juvenile and Young Adults
Chapter 85: People I Have Known
Chapter 86: Remembering How It Was
Chapter 87: How To Make Believe
Chapter 88: Writing for Young Adults
Chapter 89: A Sense of Audience
Chapter 90: Storytelling: The Oldest and Newest Art
Chapter 91: Writing for Young People: An Emotional Déjà Vu
Chapter 92: Creating Suspense in the Young Adult Mystery
Chapter 93: Messages Belong in Telegrams
Chapter 94: Writing Nonfiction Books for Young Readers
Chapter 95: Writing Biographies for Children

Part III: Editors, Agents, and Business
Chapter 96: Editor to Writer
Chapter 97: A Literary Agent's Perspective
Chapter 98: Erasing The Blue-Pencil Blues
Chapter 99: Inside The Editor's Office
Chapter 100: What Every Author Needs To Know About Literary Agents
Part IV: Where To Sell
Article Markets
Fiction Markets
Poetry Markets
Greeting Card Markets
College, Literary, and Little Magazines
Humor, Fillers, and Short Items
Juvenile, Teenage, and Young Adult Magazines
The Drama Market
Book Publishers
Literary Prize Offers
Writers Colonies
Writers Conferences
State Arts Councils
Organizations for Writers
American Literary Agents
Index to Markets "

Conclusion "

This book is in good condition with moderate wear to the cover including some edgewear and creases.
There are a few light markings on the side edges of the pages, mostly visible from the side view.
No torn or ripped pages.
No other markings or writing.

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