JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ :: FREE ShippingJEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ :: FREE ShippingJEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ :: FREE ShippingJEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ :: FREE Shipping

JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ :: FREE Shipping

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JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ
JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ Pic 1 JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ Pic 2
JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ Pic 3 JEWELRY 7,000 YEARS :: Illustrated HB w/ DJ Pic 4
7,000 YEARS
" An International History
and Illustrated Survey
from the Collections
of the British Museums "
  • Hardcover book with Dust Jacket edited by Hugh Tait
  • Copyright © 1896 The Trustees of the British Museum
  • This 1991 edition is published by Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated

" Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of decorative art.
Totally unconnected civilizations, separated by the vast barriers of time and space, have discovered the intrinsic beauty of certain materials and minerals - gold, especially, attracted craftsmen in ancient Egypt some 5,000 years ago as much as it does the jewelers and designers of today.
This panoramic history, illustrated with the world-renowned collections of the British Museum, reveals the varied styles, techniques, and materials that have delighted men and women for centuries.

Ancient Greek necklaces, Celtic torcs, Renaissance pendants, and Art Noveau buckles are among the masterpieces specially photographed for this book and described by a team of experts from the British Museum.
Clear, concise introductions establish the historical background for each region and period, so that the jewelry can be appreciated not only for its craftsmanship and beauty but also within the context in which it was created and worn.
Separate sections on cameos, rings, and amulets discuss the particular uses these objects have been put to throughout time.

The areas covered in this comprehensive volume include Egypt and Western Asia, Africa and the Middle East, ancient Greece and Rome, China, Korea and Japan, Europe, Byzantium and Turkey, Central and South America, and India and Tibet, among other regions and countries, spanning fully 7,000 years. "

Contents includes:

" List of contributors

1 The Middle East: 5000-2000 BC

2 The Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and North of the Alps: 2000-1400 BC

3 Egypt: 1500-900 BC

4 Europe and Western Asia: 1400-600 BC

5 Phoenician, Greek, Etruscan and Persian Lands: 850-325 BC

6 China, Celtic Europe, Mexico and Peru: 600 BC- AD 600

7 The Mediterranean, Parthia, India, Egypt, Roman Britain and Byzantium: 325 BC - AD 600

8 Europe, China, Korea and Japan: AD 300-1000

9 Mayan Central America: AD 600-1000

10 Central and South America: AD 500-1500

11 Europe, Islam, China, Korea and Java: AD 1000-1500

12 Europe: AD 1500-1700

13 China, India, Tibet and Mongolia: AD 1500-1850

14 West Africa: AD 1500-1800

15 Europe: AD 1700-1950

16 Amulets

17 Cameos in Jewellery

18 Functional Finger-rings

Selected Glossary
Further reading
References for the illustrations

This book is in very nice good condition with a few dents on the cover.
The dust jacket has some edgewear and scratches.
No torn or ripped pages, but there is a tear where the last page attaches to the back cover.
No markings or writing.

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