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Pair of HBs w/ DJs by ERMA BOMBECK
Pair of HBs w/ DJs by ERMA BOMBECK Pic 1 Pair of HBs w/ DJs by ERMA BOMBECK Pic 2
Pair of Hardback Books with Dust Jackets
BIND ...

  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by Erma Bombeck
  • Copyright © 1987 by Erma Bombeck

Contents include:

" The Family: 1936
The Family: 1987
"Trust Me ... I'm Your Mother"
"You're Not Sick ... You're Irregular"
"Mom, We'll Take Care of Him"
The Gospel of the Utilities ... According to Dad
The Family That Eats Together ... Gets Indigestion
Who Killed the Home-Cooked McMeal ?
Technology's Coming ... Technology's Coming
"'No Pests?' I Thought It Said 'No Pets'"
"You Should Have Gone Before You Left Home"
The Ides of May
"You'll Never Guess Who This Is"
"For Better or For Worse - But Not for Lunch"
A Child's Bathroom Is His Castle
"But Dad ... It's a Classic!"
"Mom and Dad! I'm Home!"
Mommie and Daddie Dearest!
The Family That Plays Together ... Shouldn't
A Waltons' Christmas
"Don't Worry ... I'll Manage"
The Greed Cycle
What Kind of Children Would Bring Parents into This World ?
What Are Friends For ?
It's 11 O'clock. Do You Know Where Your Parents Are ?
"You Look Wonderful"
If a Home is a Man's Castle ... Let Him Clean It
"I Want Your Job, Vanna"
Can We Talk?
Are We Talking Meaningful Yet?
Good Night ... Whoever You Are ...
"Say Good Night, Gracie"
"Running Away from Home"
Alone at Last
The Dream "

Both the book and dust jacket are in very good condition with minor wear.
The corner is clipped off the inside flap of the dust jacket where the price was removed.
No torn or ripped pages.
There is an inscription written on the first blank page from the previous owner.
No other markings or writing.

  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by Erma Bombeck
  • Copyright © 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976 by Erma Bombeck

Contents include:

" Foreword

Chapter One. Station Wagons ... Ho!
Staking Out a Claim
Lot No. 15436 ... Where Are You?
The Original Settlers
The Telephone Representative
The Insurance Salesman
The Antique Dealer

Chapter Two. Major Battles Fought in the Suburbs
Finding the Builder Who Built the House (1945-1954)
The Second-Car Ten-Day War
Getting Sex Out of the Schools and Back into the Gutter Where It Belongs
Saving the Recession from a Depression
The Picture Window
The Suburban Lawn
Barbie and Ken

Chapter Three. The Great Plastic Rush
"You Will Come to My Home Party"

Chapter Four. Hazards of Suburban Living
The Car Pool Crouch
The Neighborhood Nomad
The Elusive Washer Repairman
Trick or Treat ... Sweetheart
The Identity Crisis

Chapter Five. The Heartbreak of Psuburbaniasis
The Seven-Inch Plague
The Suburban Myth
Hosting a Famine

Chapter Six. Ya Got Trouble

Chapter Seven. It Comes with the Territory
The Pampered Dog
The Garage Sale

Chapter Eight. Law and Order
The Ten Most Unwanted Women In the Shopping-Center Parking Lot
Who's Watching the Vacant House? Everyone
Suburbian Gems Police Blotter

Chapter Nine. Put Your Winnebagos into a Circle and Fight

Chapter Ten. Super Mom!

Chapter Eleven. The Volunteer Brigade
Crossword Puzzle
"I Am Your Playground Supervisor"
Wanda Wentworth, Schoolbus Driver
Ralph Corlis, The Coach Who Played to Lose
Confessions of an Officer in the Girl Scout Cookie Corps

Chapter Twelve. "By God, We're Going to Be a Close-Knit Family
if I Have to Chain You to the Bed!"

The Frozen Kiosk
Starving to Death at the Spiritual Family Feast

Chapter Thirteen. Postscript to Suburbian Gems

The book is in pretty good condition, but the dust jacket is worn and torn with several pieces torn off the inside flaps and it is yellowed along the edges and inside.
There is a name and address written on the first blank page from the previous owner.
There are some aging spots on the top edge of the pages, mostly visible from the side view.
No torn or ripped pages.

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