Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox :: FREE Shipping

Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox :: FREE Shipping

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Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox
Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox Pic 1 Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox Pic 2
Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox
Namco PB120-40200 ProxBlox Says: " Sensor Wiring and Diagnostic System
375 Eng. Samp.
PB120-40200 microManifold for DeviceNet
Input LEDS: Yellow = INPUT ON RED = FAULT "

This particular model number was not in the Namco catalog I was using. Here is the information about the Model No. PB120-4000 ProxBlox according to the Namco catalog:
" Model No. PB120-4000:
ProxBlox Manifolds for DeviceNet Communication Links:
Universal interface to most 24VDC devices
Exclusively plug connected; greatly reduces terminations and complexity
Diagnoses and pinpoints failures of sensors, cordsets, and manifolds; and reports exact location to central controller
Installed savings as large as 40 % over conventional methods
Mounts directly on the machine (without protection) in the industrial environment "

" What is DeviceNet (TM) ?
The DeviceNet (TM) Communication Link is an open, low-level network that provides connections between simple industrial devices (sensors and actuators) and high-level devices (controllers). DeviceNet provides for device interoperability through a protocol specification, standard device connectors, standard diagnostic indicators, and over 50 standardized device types. DeviceNet compatible products are available from a number of independent controls vendors who all support the open DeviceNet standard. As of the printing of this catalog, over 150 device manufacturers are participating. "

" What are ProxBlox (TM) Manifolds ?
ProxBlox (TM) Manifolds greatly simplify the installation and serviceability of sensor wiring. Manifolds are sensor interconnect blocks that interface standard proximity, photoelectric, or hard contact sensors to the network. These manifolds provide a host of benefits that cannot be matched by connecting sensors directly to the DeviceNet bus.
A ProxBlox systems installs in 1/10 the time of conventional wiring and tells you exactly when and where an open, shorted, intermittent, loosely connected, or disconnected sensor, cordset or manifold is located. This diagnostic feature uses conveniently located LED indicators that further simplify the maintenance and troubleshooting of sensors usually located on or inside complex automation machinery.
ProxBlox manifolds isolate the sensor bus trunkline from the sensor cordset which are most prone to being damaged. If a cordset is damaged, ProxBlox manifolds keep repercussions local to the manifold and report the exact location of the fault to the bus. Conversely, a smart sensor that is directly connected (not through a ProxBlox manifold) to the bus could shut down the entire bus and disable all bus diagnostics if its connecting cable were shorted. Quite a difference ! Noise spikes and other interference coupled onto the sensor cordset are also trapped by the manifolds helping to ensure secure data transmission in noisy environments. "

It is untested so it will be an as is sale.

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