IN CONTEMPT :: Christopher Darden 1996 HB w/ DJ :: FREE ShippingIN CONTEMPT :: Christopher Darden 1996 HB w/ DJ :: FREE Shipping

IN CONTEMPT :: Christopher Darden 1996 HB w/ DJ :: FREE Shipping

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IN CONTEMPT :: Christopher Darden 1996 HB w/ DJ
IN CONTEMPT :: Christopher Darden 1996 HB w/ DJ Pic 1 IN CONTEMPT :: Christopher Darden 1996 HB w/ DJ Pic 2
  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by Christopher A. Darden with Jess Walter
  • Over 380 pages
  • Copyright © 1996 by Christopher A. Darden

According to the back cover:

" I never got a chance, of course, to cross-examine him.
And I don't want to anymore.
I just wanted to talk to him, to make sure he knew that he hadn't fooled all of us and that his "Dream Team" hadn't fooled most Americans.

" I wanted to tell him that there was another court that would hear his case one day, with a judge who would separately try racist cops and murderers. A court where everyone will have to account for his actions alone. A court where the only witnesses will be the eyewitnesses, Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown.

- Christopher Darden, Prosecutor
The People of the State of California
v. Orenthal James Simpson
" " I'm not afraid to point to him.
Nobody pointed him out and said 'He did it.'
I'll point to him .....
Because when you look at the bloody ruthlessness of these murders .....
you have to say to yourself, well, who in the past has ever raised a hand to this woman ?
And who in the days and the hours leading to her death was upset with her ? "

- Christopher Darden

" For more than a year, Christopher Darden argued passionately and tirelessly, giving voice to the victims in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. But few people knew that he was fighting a deeper, more insidious battle - against racism that came from all sides. When the case was over and O.J. Simpson was set free, the disheartened prosecutor bore the anguish and disillusionment of millions of Americans. He also carried wounds that perhaps no other black person has ever felt as deeply. Now, out of the sensational frenzy of the "trial of the century" comes a haunting and poignant memoir of duty, justice, and the constant undertow of American bigotry. "

" Christopher Darden's In Contempt is an unflinching look at a justice system kidnapped by a racist cop, shameless defense lawyers, a starstruck judge, and a dysfunctional jury.
It shows what the television cameras couldn't:

  • behind-the-scenes meetings where Darden tried to determine whether Mark Fuhrman was telling the truth about his racist views
  • deteriorating relationships between the defense and prosecuting teams, with taunting, baiting, and a pushing match between Darden and Simpson
  • a judge who let the case get out of control while he collected hourglasses from fans and invited celebrities into his chambers. "

" Ultimately, In Contempt transcends the O.J. Simpson case.
It takes its place amid a rich legacy of struggle, loss, and triumph in African-American literature. "

" In a country stunned by the wide gulf in perspective among the races, In Contempt is an important book, one that challenges Americans to turn the civil rights debate toward the ideas that truly matter.
"Somehow," says Darden, "we have allowed the murder trial of a simple football player to define race relations in America."

This book is in very good to excellent condition with only minor wear to the dust jacket.
No torn or ripped pages.
No markings or writing.

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