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Canadian Stamps evolved much the same way that Australian stamps did. Canada once consisted as multiple British colonies each printing their own stamps. The first stamps were issued in 1851 in the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The Canadian Province would eventually become what is known today as Quebec and Ontario. 6 years later in 1857, Newfoundland began print their stamps. In 1860, British Columbia followed suit and the next year in 1961, Prince Edward Island. These older stamps are quite collectible among the philatelists and collectors focusing on Canadian stamps, some of them being quite rare.

In 1867, the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick united into the Canadian Confederation. Eventually, that expanded to include British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba in the 1870s.

Some very popular stamps were issued and printed in 1897 as a set for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. This 16 stamp set and series ranged from half-cent denominations up to 5 dollars each. Also, each stamp had different colors and depicted the 1837 portrait of Victoria during the start of her rule, on the left side of the stamp. On the right side of the stamps, another portrait of the widowed Queen Victoria was featured.

Not only were royally-themed stamps printed and collected. Canada also depicted their natural wonders and beauty as well, including a 1929 stamp with a schooner called Bluenose. A very popular series called the Art Canada was printed between 1988 and 2002, which depicted artwork on the stamps. This art included famous painting from a Canadian artist.