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Movies and even their actors are some of the most inspiring form of entertainment and cinema around. So inspiring in fact that it has produced collectors and dedicated fans who collect movie memorabilia and movie collectibles. People collect things from many different genres, including horror films, science fictions, adventures, action films, classics, romances, animated, cartoons and many others created at Hollywood.

There are two major kinds of movie memorabilia. One kind has to do with collecting items from a particular movie star or actor. Marilyn Monroe is an example of a popular star that people collect vintage items related to her, even though she starred in many movies. The other kind of memorabilia has to do with a specific movie itself. The Wizard of Oz is another vintage movie where people collected items or props from the set. For example, collectors may be interested in the ruby slippers or a costume for a movie character. Although most of the actual items are worth millions and are found in museums, collectors still try to get autographs or find replicas.

Another kind of object people collect are things like movie posters, both one sheet or two sheet or movie photos for example. If a film is animated, the individual animation cels for the cartoons are highly collectible (as are normal film cells), especially with old vintage Disney films. Usually, the more antique the film is, such as ones produced in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, the rarer these original items come by - and more valuable they are. Like most collectibles, the value depends on rarity and condition. Although with Hollywood memorabilia, the demand and popularity of the movie or star is also a big deal.

Lobby Cards and Movie Photos are highly prized and desired items. A movie photo is a special photograph (sometimes called film still, publicity still or a production still) showing the stars in the form of their characters, but posing for the photo. These were limited edition, as were movie posters. Lobby cards (also known as Window Cards) on the other hand, were printed in large quantities and there are many available. Typically, these are not as valuable except for vintage films like King Kong, Planet of the Apes and other classics, since not as many were printed back then.

Some of the most desirable, collectible and valuable items are movie props. These are typically reproduced, authenticated replicas of the actual items. Props are items that were actually used in the movie. These can be anything from costumes, weapons, swords, furniture, guns or other forms of clothing. Oftentimes, prop masters or the actors themselves hold on to these items, and will sometimes sell them from their own personal collection. Some notable props include a black dress from Audrey Hepburn, worn by her as the character Holly Golightly in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Another famous one is Marilyn Monroe's white dress or John Wayne's rifle.

Some of the more modern and popular movies shown in series, such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars and so on. These have some of the most sought after memorabilia. Even replicas of Gandalf's staff, Harry Potter's Wand and Luke Skywalker's light saber are a few examples of beloved props and very cool to own. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Brangelina) are popular couples, just as Bogart and Becall were in the classic days.

Memorabilia for James Dean is very hot right now since the supply is so low. He only starred in three movies before he died, so he had a short career. Other actors are very popular and appear in many films, but they refuse to sign autographs, which also decreases the supply and makes memorabilia valuable. Greta Garbo is known for doing this, meaning her collectibles are very valuable and sought after as well.