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Welcome to Coupon Ninjas! We offer a great selection of cut coupons and inserts from the Detroit Region. The coupons themselves are free, our fee covers gas, time collecting, cutting, sorting, and listing. Most clipped coupons are sold in lots of 10 for $1.00 with multiple quantities available. Mix and match all you please . . . Postage on clipped coupons is always $.49 regardless of how many are ordered! Priority mail is available upon request for an additional fee. Most orders ship the same day payment is received.

Full inserts are also available. Previews will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday for the following Sundays inserts. Preorders are available until Friday evenings. There are a limited number of extra sets available after preorder cutoff. For that reason, preordering is recommended. Insert orders are usually shipped priority mail on Mondays for a flat rate of $5.25.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment, but we will also consider cash, money orders, stamps, or even trade upon request. Thank you for shopping with Coupon Ninjas!!

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