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Welcome to The Vintage Stampe Shoppe

We aim to provide interesting stamp purchases for the beginning and intermediate collector. A wide variety of stamps will be made available for purchase and some additional historical facts will be presented to make the stamp(s) and their issuance more relevant.

There is an interesting story behind each stamp issued by Post Offices worldwide. With a minimal amount of research online, one can learn who designed the stamp(s), the historical context of its creation, and unique facts like perforation size,etc.

For a collector to learn the facts behind the issuance is half of the joy of stamp collecting. Happy Collecting.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and prompt delivery.

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Store Policies:

We use Pay Pal for payment.We accept other credit cards and all processing is through PayPal.

We also accept Postal money orders

Shipping is calculated according to USPS rates. For Details on Shipping and Handling costs, see product description section.

All purchases are final. No refund policy exists at the present, however we are committed to working with our customers to resolve any issues involving their purchase.​

We are a very small business with limited inventory, but we are also very open to working with potential customers and will try to accommodate requests and custom orders. If we cannot accommodate the request, we will be forthright and notify the requesting party immediately via email.​

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Buy 1949 Pakistan (Bahawapur State)
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Buy 1914 Austria "Franz Joseph"
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Buy 1942-45 Algeria "Coat of Arms"
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Buy 1940-50's Algeria Definitives
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Buy 1961 Greece "Tourism Issues"
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Buy 1911-21 Greece "Epiricus"
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Buy 1967 Dahomey (Benin)
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Buy 1967 Dahomey (Benin) "Flowers"
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Buy 1913 Dahomey "Man in Palm Tree'
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Buy 1941 Dahomey "Man in Canoe"
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Buy 1951 Yemen "Local Motifs" (HV)
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