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Item Description

UniSquare Item ID Number:

Important Information Required………

ustomer is required to send information for printing when you purchase this item.

Policies are as follows: 

>> Customer is responsible for making sure a message is sent and received with printing instructions that  must be sent in the format required and shown below in the description.  Information must be sent via a direct eBay message; DO NOT send messages to our private email they are not viewed or used as instructions for printing.

>> Information for printing is required within “10 MINUTES" of purchase; or your order will leave our location  “BLANK”  we "do not" hold orders they are processes immediately 24/7 ~ 363 days a year!!!

>> Customer is responsible for making sure the following is correct when information is sent:

>> Proper use of upper and lower case letters,

>> Proper Spelling of text to be printed,

      >> Proper use of Punctuation Marks and word spacing

(If you insert any type of symbols such as: * & ^ % $ <   “ ‘ : ; ! @ # ( ) _ - = +) within the message they “WILL BE PRINTED”. If they are not suppose to be printed “DO NOT” include them.


Item Details:

>> Customer gets their choice of text printed up to 4 lines only up to 25 characters maximum per line.

>> Image will be printed in a SINGLE COLOR ONLY, on the front or the back only; these "ARE NOT " printed on both sides. (Default print colors are shown on the garment color chosen.) ONLY print color available can be chosen from the gallery images above if you need something besides the default color.

>>  Image will be printed in a SINGLE FONT STYLE ONLY (Default font styles is shown on the garment color chosen.) ONLY font styles available can be chosen from the gallery images above if you need something besides the default font.

>> If customer ask for a font style or a print color not offered above or we do not receive a font style or print color in the message; we will automatically print the item using the default options.

>> Image size and layout will be at our discretion and not a customer option; and will vary depending on the size garment purchased.

To Complete Your Order:

>> Choose the correct garment color, correct garment size(size chart listed) from the drop down menus above. It is customers responsibility to order the correct garment color & garment  size, print color that contrast with the garment color, and font style.


>>  Line # 1: insert your text here for line one

>>  Line # 2: insert your text here for line two

>> Line # 3: insert your text here for line three

>> Line # 4: insert your text here for line four

>> Print Color: insert your single print color here (print colors shown above). If print color is not received we will use the default as shown on the garment color that was purchased.

>> Font Style: insert your single font style here (only fonts options are shown above). If a font style is not received we will use the default font style shown on the garment shown in gallery image. 

>>  Font size per line is not a customer option: we print shirts according to spec with the size garment purchased. 

Printing sizes is as follows:

>> Total of One line of text printed is (12" x 2.5") max ;

>> Total of Two lines of text printed is (12" x 5.25") max ;

>> Total of Three lines of text printed is (12" x 5.75") max;

>> Total of Four lines of text printed is (12" x 6.25") max. 

We will not stretch lines.  *****  Exp: You can't get a one line of text stretched to fit two line size; You can't get two lines of text stretched to fit four line size.

>> We "do not" send proofs prior to printing.

Garment Brand and Printing Product Information:

  • Gildan and / or Port & Company and / or Fruit of the Loom (T-shirts, Youth T-shirt & Long Sleeve) are unisex, 100% preshrunk cotton. Safety colors are 50/50 blend. Jerzees (Hoodies) are 8-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly.  A specific brand / blend; "Is Not" a customer option: when placing an order; we ship what we have in stock at the time the garment is printed.
  • These are printed with the highest quality garments that money can buy. We do not use a second or third party distributor that sell 2nd or 3rd quality products for printing.   We order all of our products straight  from the manufacture. So you can be assured they will be top quality ever single purchase. Please be aware different products will fit each individual differently (it is important to look at size chart for correct measurements before placing order).
  • These are printed with the highest quality printing supplies that can be purchased from Italy.  This style of printing will never crack, peel or fade; under normal wash and wear.
  • Wash inside out on "warm" cycle with like colors; dry on low/medium heat.  "Do not" wash or dry on hot cycle.

Shipping & Returns:

  • Once you Click "CONFIRM & PAY"  you have confirmed your order is accurate for garment color, garment  size, & you also confirm the information you sent for printing is accurate.  Including: checking your spelling, proper use of Upper/Lower Case Lettering, Use of any symbols such as (& % @ # (?/"*'. or ") "any type" of punctuation marks that arrive with the information for printing "WILL BE" printed. We do not spell check; as we don't know what the customer needs for printing. We copy and paste the message exactly as it is received for printing.
  • Any Message received regarding your order will be also be shown on your packing slip;  this shows exactly what was received when your made the purchase.
  • We "DO NOT" print any type of images, photos, logos, clip-art or emojis on any of our items on eBay.
  • Our complete "RETURN POLICY" & "SHIPPING & PAYMENTS"  can be viewed by clicking on "SHIPPING & PAYMENTS" tab above.  
  • eBay and PayPal are aware of our policies and regulations due to the nature of this product.

  • We always process orders within 10 minutes of purchase 24/7 -363. Orders can not be changed after that time.
  • We can not change any aspect of orders; due to eBay Policies (we ship what is purchased). It is against policy to change: garment color; garment size; print color or from one product style to another.  The product ordered will be the product printed and shipped.
  • We "do not" change address after order is placed it is against our polices.  If order needs to be shipped to a different address; the address must be changed before you check out in PayPal. We only ship to confirmed addresses on file. We "do not" ship to Po Boxes outside of the US.
  • We use USPS only, the estimated delivery time eBay gives you  on your purchase is an estimated only. eBay nor ourselves can guarantee a delivery time once the package is in the postal system.
  • If your order has not arrived within 7-14 postal business days, call your local Postal Service and give them the tracking number. Only your local Postal Service can give the buyer information on the package once it has left its departure state.
  • All packages are weighed at our local Postal Service for accurate weight and postage is paid at the window for your package.
  • Please be advised all Postal Service scales "May Not" be calibrated the same.  If your local Postal Service is trying to collect extra money for postage we "Are Not" responsible for paying the additional postage they may try to collect.  

>>>>> We Ship World Wide <<<<

Payment and Shipping Details

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$60.25 $10.95 Economy Shipping (1 to 10 business days)

Payment methods accepted:
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Return Policy:
Returns are not Accepted