Thai Amulet Pendant PHRA KUM KOW LP LERSI LINGDAM Real Powerful Magic Thailand

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Thai Amulet Pendant PHRA KUM KOW LP LERSI LINGDAM Real Powerful Magic Thailand

Very Old, Collectible rare, Powerful magical, Blessing by Buddhist Monk, Passed Chanting ceremony.

  • Amulet: Pha Kum Kow
  • Master: Luang Phor Lersi Lingdam
  • Temple: Wat Thasung
  • Materials: Holy powder mixed with rice
  • Model: Pendant
  • Size: 1.7x2.3 cm. (Same as photos)
  • Color: Same as photos
  • Province: Uthaithani
  • Country: Thailand

Please see all Gallery photos to old, beautiful, and size.

Power Of Thai Amulets
  • Thai people believe Buddha is good everything will unexpectedly happen to you. 
  • Amulets will bring prosperity and ensure success in life, good wealth, luck, love, charm, business, life protection, and good success. 
  • While also, can prevent the ghosts, all black magic, rituals, superstition, avoid from danger because all Thai amulets come in a variety of different materials such as limestone, plaster, wood, glass, metal, precious stone, gold and silver and even a greater variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • Some may contain the ash from bone, incenses burner or old temple buildings, or the dirt from specific graveyards, while others may hold  pollen, clay, baked clay, herbs, and yet others may contain monk's ropes, hair, saliva or drops of blood from a famous monk, the later is believed to add further protection power to the amulet for worship.

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