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เหรียญประสบการณ์หายาก หลวงปู่คร่ำ วัดวังหว้า จ.ระยอง ปี 2538

GENUINE! Coin or Rian Luang Pu Krum, Wat Wang Wa, Pendant 

You are looking at Rian Lp Krum Wat Wang Wa blessing on B.E.2538 at Rayong Province, Thailand. The amulet comes within an original temple box. The powerful amulet, Good Business, Good Luck, wealth, charm and Life protection.



Luang Pu Krum has practiced psychic power, meditating, praying for the whole time. In the past, he used the techniques that had been practiced to be useful to various kith and kin and the general public until the fame and reputation spread throughout Thailand. And abroad, one thing that Lp Krum always adheres to is gratitude, remembrance of the teacher Every year, Luang Pu Krum will perform the "Wai Kru" ceremony. By the practice, which has never been broken therefore resulting in Luang Pu Krum with famous and honor throughout.



หลวงปู่คร่ำ วัดวังหว้า จ.ระยอง
 "ท่านพ่อคร่ำ" ตามทีชาวบ้านย่านชายฝั่งทะเลตะวันออก เรียกขานกันนั้นท่านเป็นพระคณาจารย์ที่ได้รับความเคารพศรัทธาอย่างสูงจากสาธุชนทั่วๆ ไปมานานเต็มทีแล้ว และยังเป็นท่านพ่อของบรรดาชาวเรือตังเกในย่านนี้ด้วยบางท่านที่เข้าถึงกระแสแห่งรสพระธรรม เชื่อกันว่าหลวงปู่เป็นผู้ที่ล่วงพ้นแล้วจากกิเลสทั้งปวง



Power Of Thai Amulets
Thai people believe Buddha is good everything will unexpectedly happen to you. Amulets will bring prosperity and ensure success in life, good wealth, luck, love, charm, business, life protection, and success. While also, can prevent the ghosts, all black magic, rituals, superstition, avoid from danger because all Thai amulets come in a variety of different materials such as limestone, plaster, wood, glass, metal, precious stone, gold and silver and even a greater variety of shapes and sizes. Some may contain the ash from bone, incenses burner or old temple buildings, or the dirt from specific graveyards, while others may hold  pollen, clay, baked clay, herbs, and yet others may contain monk's ropes, hair, saliva or drops of blood from a famous monk, the later is believed to add further protectoral power to the amulet for worship.

Real Experience from those who hang Thai amulet
10 August 2019 at 12.36 am.


There was a big car accident.
The 32-year man driving a car brand Toyota Corolla Altis, gold color.
He returned from errands at Soi Dao to return home at Khlung District.
He is driving off the curve, his car hit the tree, Sukhumvit Road, Kom Bang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chanthaburi.
The car is very damaged, the rescue officers saw and hardly believe in the eyes. This man was a small wound on his eyebrows. His name is Mr. Aungkarn Jitrakulnee, age 32, is a native of Khlung.
He hung Thai Buddha amulets and believed that because of the Thai Buddha Amulet's help he survived from this accident.

"Photo and News by Sawang Kotanyu Chanthaburi"




About Us
My home is in Chiang Mai near Wat Sri Mongkol "The Biggest Statue of Kruba Srivichai" this temple has original amulets such as Kruba Srivichai, Kruba Bunchum, Somdej Toh, Lp Thuad & much more.

You trusted our amulets come from the temple.

Please Check Out all genuine amulets from our store.

***Think of Thai Buddha amulets, "Think of us" because we are collectors of old, real & rare Thai amulets. We have a lot of collectibles for sharing***

Thank you very much

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