PORTHOLE Brass 24 hr 12 hr Clock In Wood Frame BrokenPORTHOLE Brass 24 hr 12 hr Clock In Wood Frame BrokenPORTHOLE Brass 24 hr 12 hr Clock In Wood Frame Broken

PORTHOLE Brass 24 hr 12 hr Clock In Wood Frame Broken

Needs Lots of Work. Project Clock

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Le Claire

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*ITEM:  PORTHOLE Brass 24 hr 12 hr  Clock In Wood Frame Broken

*MANUFACTURER:  Le Claire is printed on the dial plate but I've seen the same clock with different printings on the dial plate.

*MODEL:  Brass porthole clock in wooden frame.


*MATERIAL:  Solid brass porthole with a wood frame. I think the wood may be teak or rosewood but I'm unsure.

*MEASURES: Outside dia's approx. 12 7/8" wood frame, 11 1/2" brass porthole, 7 1/2" dia. glass viewing area.

*CONDITION:  This clock was in some kind of incendent. There was some kind of black gunk splattered on it. I removed most of the black gunk substance but some of it is embedded into the brass finish and will not come off. There is also some brasso still on it from my black gunk removal efforts. The wooden frame only had a few spots of the black gunk and mostly  remains untouched except for the use wear over the years.

The wood frame has its noticeable dings, knicks, scratches, marks and wear but is in overall good condition.

The glass in the porthole is loose. I taped it on the inside so it wouldn't shake around. It appears the sealant or putty dried out, cracked and started to fall out leaving the glass loose to shake around. The plastic retaining ring that goes over the putty is in good condition. The porthole door opens and closes as it should.

The dial plate looks good. The second, minute and hour hands are loose and twirl on their own because the quartz movement is broken. It appears someone tried to get into the small quartz movement and tore half of the box off. The quartz movement box will have to be replaced. The second, minute and hour hands appear to be in good condition with only some slight bending.


* This is a good repair project for someone that is looking to customize a clock for a certain enviroment.

* The brass porthole can be sanded down and painted a custom color.

*This clocks new MSRP is around $229.00. Internet new price is around $159.00 .

*A picture that can be magnified to full screen will be sent upon request.

*Buyer is responsible for any maintenance or repairs needed if any. 

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