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•• RamSan 70 GORILLA 450GB.  ••

Get me an official quote for a new RamSan 70 and I will beat it by $500 These pcie cards have an average lifespan of 6 - 10 years and is one of the best
These are usually around $10000+ new 
I have 5 total this listing is for a 1 factory sealed oem unit, and anyone who knows about theses know that they only ever made oem units you will never find a retail version 
you will receive the item that looks like the picture

•• Highlights ••

RamSan-70 “Gorilla”


The RamSan-70 is the latest in-server Flash storage system from Texas Memory Systems, offering:

 ● 450 or 900 GB of usable storage space

 ● Enterprise grade single level cell (SLC) Flash media from Toshiba

 ● New proprietary Series-7 Flash Controller™ featuring low host overhead and patented reliability features 

● Half-length, full-height PCIe card form factor 

● PCIe 2.0 x8 interface for maximum performance Key Applications 

The RamSan-70 speeds up high-performance enterprise direct attached storage (DAS) applications. 

Customers around the world use RamSan in-server storage for applications like: 

● Distributed, scale-out databases

 ● Index files and metadata 

● Rendering and video editing 

● Modeling and simulation Fully supported on Windows and Linux platforms, the RamSan-70 appears as a standard block device to applications, ensuring maximum compatibility. Performance The RamSan-70 provides maximum performance: Reliability 

The RamSan-70 has the reliability features required in true enterprise storage, including: 

● Standard chip-level RAID and patented Variable Stripe RAID™ (VSR™) protection against plane and chip failures

 ● Enhanced Error Correcting Code (ECC) protection against block failures 

● Ultracapacitors providing 5 seconds of power used to write out Flash metadata and avoid lengthy table rebuilds when power is restored Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (713) 266-3200 ▪ 10777 Westheimer #600, Houston, Texas 77042 

Learn more at

 Reads Writes 512 B 4 KB 512 B 4 KB

 Bandwidth MB/s 600 2,500 1,250 125 1,800 900

 IOPS 1.2M 600K 300K 250K 440K 220K

 900 GB model provides maximum listed performance.Architecture

 The RamSan-70 is powered by the proprietary Texas Memory Systems Series-7 Flash Controller™, which incorporates a PowerPC CPU, FPGA coordinator, and FPGA controllers to form a completely hardwarebased Flash management system. Each controller manages its own set of ten Flash chips. Four more controllers and Flash are added with a mezzanine board connected to the Aux Port. Series-7 Flash Controller™ Exclusively available from Texas Memory Systems, the Series-7 Flash Controller™ is the seventh generation of RamSan Flash controllers. Its main features over other architectures include:

 ● Less host system overhead. The Series-7 Flash Controller uses dedicated hardware for on-board Flash management. Other cards rely on heavyweight host drivers that use the host system's valuable CPU and memory for Flash management tasks. 

● Better performance. The highly parallel architecture of the Series-7 Flash Controller takes full advantage of the performance of each Flash chip by minimizing individual FPGA load. This parallel architecture is a core component of the RamSan design and is why the RamSan is the uncontested performance leader.

 ● More reliability features. Patented Variable Stripe RAID™ (VSR™) technology, available exclusively in new Texas Memory Systems products, efficiently bypasses failed Flash planes and chips. Enhanced error correcting code (ECC) techniques help mitigate block failures. 

● Improved latency for small requests. The Series-7 Flash Controller has new optimizations for small (512- byte) requests that significantly decrease latency. Variable Stripe RAID™ (VSR™) 

The exclusive patented Variable Stripe RAID™ feature offered by the Series-7 Flash Controller reduces business interruptions and improves mean time between failures (MTBF) by providing a higher level of protection against common Flash plane failures and less common Flash device failures. VSR complements standard error-correction techniques to enable continued system operation in the event of Flash failures. It improves on traditional RAID by providing greater stripe size granularity and variable stripe sizes, allowing the controller to skip bad areas rather than failing or replacing them with a full spare chip. VSR accomplishes this by allowing XOR RAID stripes to be dynamically resized for distribution across fewer Flash devices. When a Flash device failure is detected, data is migrated to new stripes that do not include the failed chip or plane. Ultimate Write Performance and Reliability 

The RamSan-70 includes 23% overprovisioned space and 11% RAID overhead (1370 GB raw vs. 900 GB usable) on each card to deliver industry leading performance and reliability to its users. Overprovisioning is the practice of including additional space that is not presented to the user to increase write performance. 

Texas Memory Systems products typically have more overprovisioned space than competing products. 

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