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Item Description

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Product Description

4 Core License & SA: Software Assurance 2 years

Part Number : 7JQ-00253

Microsoft Qualified – MOLP: Open Business

Delivery via electronic download

This license includes SP1

You must license all the cores in the server, with a minimum of 4 core licenses required for each physical processor in the server.

The core licenses provide an unlimited number of user or device connections. No CALs are required.

Without a doubt, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is one of the biggest releases of SQL Server ever, and it definitely pushes SQL Server to a higher rung on the enterprise ladder. Like all new releases of a major server product, SQL Server 2012 contains many changes, enhancements, and new features.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise is a cloud-ready information platform that will help organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organization and quickly build solutions to extend data across on-premises and public cloud, backed by mission critical confidence.

Enterprise Features:

OS Max cores Basic OLTP Programmability (T-SQL, Data Tyes, FileTable) Manageability (SQL Server Management Studio, Policy-based Management) Basic High Availability Basic Corporate BI (Reporting, Analytics, Multidimensional Semantic Model, Data Mining) Basic Data Integration (Built-in Data Connectors, Designer Transforms) Self-Service Business Intelligence (Alerting, Power View, PowerPivot for SharePoint Server) Advanced Corporate BI (Tabular BI Semantic Model, Advanced Analytics and Reporting, VertiPaq In-Memory Engin, Advanced Data Mining) Enterprise Data Management (Data Quality Services, Master Data Service) Advanced Security (SQL Server Audit, Transparent Data Encryption) Data Warehousing (ColumnStore Index, Compression, Partitioning) Advanced High Availability (Multiple, Active Secondaries; Multi-site, Geo-Clustering)


SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition is relational database server software offering tools for data storage, management, analysis, and reporting. It is most suitable for large organizations and cloud-based server environments.

This edition of SQL Server includes all of the features in the Standard and Business Intelligence editions and additional enterprise-level features.

Benefits for Organizations

The enterprise-level features included with this edition can be used to:

· Serve as a data repository for diverse data types

· Integrate and manage data across multiple database-driven systems

· Provide greater uptime, faster failover, and more efficient use of hardware resources

Major Capabilities

· SQL Server includes basic database, reporting, and business intelligence (BI) analytics functionality.

· The online transaction processing (OLTP) engine allows quick access to large amounts of data.

· The online analytical processing (OLAP) and BI Semantic Model (BISM) multidimensional models allow you to analyze multidimensional data from multiple perspectives and in a tabular model.

· xVelocity increases performance speeds for data warehousing and business intelligence functionality.

· Data Quality Services improve data quality by using organizational knowledge and third-party reference data providers to profile, cleanse, and match data.


This product operates on a core-based licensing model. Under this model, you will need to license all cores in a physical environment. In a virtual environment, the same minimum requirement applies to virtual cores allocated to virtual machines.

This model allows you license a physical, virtual, or cloud-based server based on computing power.

Additional Licenses Needed

Four core licenses are included with this product. SQL Server requires a minimum of four core licenses to function. In order to license this product, you will need to cover the cores in the processors that you plan to use with SQL Server.

Additional Information

The installation media for this product is electronic transfer and a DVD-ROM that can be used for 32-bit, 64-bit AMD, or 64-bit Intel Xeon platforms. The 32-bit version can be installed on the Windows on Windows (WOW64) 32-bit subsystem of a 64-bit server.

About Software Assurance

Software Assurance is a collection of benefits included with this edition of SQL Server Enterprise. These benefits include free software upgrades, Office Multi-Language Packs, Office suites for use at home, E-Learning courses, and more.

The ‘Get Genuine’ operating systems do not include Software Assurance benefits.

Software Assurance benefits are not the same as product licenses. Product licenses do not expire: they're valid for as long as you own the product. Software Assurance (SA) benefits expire after two years. There is no grace period after the end of the license period to renew your benefits. Software Assurance benefits add value to your product but are not part of them.

Software Upgrades

Software Assurance allows you to get free upgrades to new versions of products that were released within the two-year period of the benefit. Like all products, the licenses remain valid, and you can continue to use the product after Software Assurance expires.

When You Can Upgrade

You can upgrade to any new version of your licensed products that Microsoft releases during the two years your Software Assurance is in effect, but the actual upgrade does not have to take place within those two years. For example, if Microsoft releases a new version of Office in October, and your Software Assurance for the old version expires in January, you don't have to upgrade before January. You can upgrade at any time in the future, as long as Microsoft still makes the new version available. You can't, however, upgrade to versions that Microsoft releases after your Software Assurance expires.

License-Only Products

Under Microsoft's licensing terms, client access licenses (CALs), external connector licenses (ECLs), and management licenses (MLs) must be for a version equal to or later than their server software. For instance, without Software Assurance, you wouldn't be able to use Windows 2008 Server CALs on Windows Server 2012; you would have to get new ones. With Software Assurance, the CALs are also usable on the upgraded product. Software Assurance upgrade benefits for licenses are automatic: you don't have to do anything to activate them.

Office Multi-Language Packs

Office Multi-Language Packs are available at no cost if you have a license for an Office suite. Office Multi-Language Packs are add-in products that can display the user interface of the Office desktop applications — windows, tabs, help, and so on — in more than 90 different languages. These packs also allow you to check spelling and grammar and use other proofing tools on documents created in these languages.

Office Suites for Home Use

Any employee who has a Microsoft Office suite on their work computer can get a copy of the current version of Office Professional or Office for Mac for home use through a low-cost download. They can also request installation software for an additional fee to cover the costs.

Office software can be used only while the user continues to be an employee at the organization and Software Assurance for the Office suite remains active.

Note: The product use rights for desktop application software allow the organization to install a copy on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device. This option makes it possible for an employee to continue working away from the office.

Microsoft E-Learning Courses

E-learning courses are self-paced, interactive training on the use of Microsoft products developed by Microsoft experts. Courses are designed to gain maximum skills in minimal time. Assessments, hands-on virtual labs, expert advice, and an interactive, nonlinear approach make e-learning an engaging and flexible experience.

You must have a Windows Live ID to enroll in a course. Students must start a course before Software Assurance expires and complete it within one year of when they started it.

How Many Courses Are Available?

The number and type of courses available depends on the number and type of products with active Software Assurance. Courses are grouped into three categories: applications (desktop applications), systems (operating systems), and servers.

Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery

If your organization has a server product with active Software Assurance, you have the right to install the same software on a server that is turned off until an emergency situation, known as a "cold server." In a disaster, this server can be moved into production so that users can continue to access critical data and applications.

You have one disaster recovery license for each server license with active Software Assurance.

After Software Assurance expires, you can continue to use cold backup software already installed, but you cannot install any additional cold backups.


Software Assurance includes TechNet SA Subscription Services, which gives you access to:

Online concierge chat Online training and the technical library Managed newsgroups

Windows Virtual Desktop Access

This benefit allows a licensed device to access a virtual desktop infrastructure. As the primary user, you can remotely access your desktop from third-party devices such as home or contractor-owned PCs.

Roaming Use Rights

If you use Office product, Project, or Visio, you can remotely access your software on a virtual desktop from third-party devices such as a home PC, a contractor-owned PC, or an internet kiosk.

Windows Thin PC

For each Windows license you have with Software Assurance, you have access to Windows Thin PC, a smaller footprint, locked down version of Windows 7. Windows Thin PC is useful for reducing the costs of licensing end point PCs because each device accesses a virtual desktop environment. It also provides consistent security and allows administrators to manage multiple clients from the System Center.

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