Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (32/64-bit)

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This Microsoft product is absolutely Genuine!!! / / / / FULL RETAIL VERSION. No physical product will be shipped. You will receive download instructions and the product key via email within 24 hours of purchase. / / /

Microsoft Windows XP Pro Features:

Among the many new and innovative features of Microsoft Windows XP Professional are:

Navigation is improved and made easier with the use of the new Task-based Visual Design. Tasks are accessible through new and clearer visual cues. Setting up a new Microsoft Windows XP Pro based computer is easy using the Migration Tools that allows users to migrate all their data and programs from an old computer to a new one. This means that the learning curve for the new computer is reduced and the settings are the familiar to the user, being the same as those on the earlier computer. Microsoft Windows XP Pro offers an extremely high level of security by offering an Encrypting File System that uses a randomly generated key to protect files from unauthorized access by hackers and data thieves. The Operating System supports a greater number of technologies and devices than its predecessors so the user can take advantage of the latest hardware innovations available. There are an increased number of programs that the Operating System can run and an option to set up the system in compatibility mode so that even programs that are not supported by Microsoft Windows XP Pro can be run. An improved Multi Language Support allows the user to create and edit documents in a variety of different languages. Internet Explorer 6 (an integral part of Microsoft Windows XP Pro) has many new features that simplify web surfing and information management and also additional features to increase the security of personal information. For larger businesses, the Policy-Based Desktop Management option allows for group policies and easy creation of roaming user profiles which makes operations easier when Microsoft Windows XP Pro is used along with a Microsoft Windows 2000 server profile. The Remote Desktop feature means users can create virtual sessions on their computer from any computer running Windows 95 or later versions. This provides users with complete remote access to all the data and applications stored in their computers, wherever they may be. The Remote Assistance feature allows for a remote expert to access and take control of the computer for repair and problem-solving that is beyond the scope of the computer user. Improved Wi-Fi support allows for, both - more secure wireless connections as well as improved performance and speed. Windows messenger allows for real time contact and online interaction using text, audio and video. All options offer excellent communications as well as speed and stability coupled with security. Microsoft Windows XP Pro

Despite the advent of Microsoft Windows Vista, industry estimates are that about 66% of all Windows operating system users have stayed with Microsoft Windows XP Pro or Microsoft Windows Home editions rather than migrating to Microsoft Vista. While Microsoft Vista had a few teething problems, these have now been corrected. The reason for businesses retaining Microsoft Windows XP Professional is that there is nothing much in terms of business applications that Microsoft Windows Vista offers that is not available in XP. Add the safety, security and reliability that Microsoft Windows XP Pro has established a reputation for and the result is the best operating system available for a business environment.

And of course, while the better the hardware configuration the better the performance, Microsoft Windows XP Pro will run very well even on older Pentium-based computers with low RAM and small HDDs. This is a blessing for businesses that have many operations where upgrading the hardware does not make economic sense and using older computers for smaller operations means a large saving.

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Computer Requirements Computer and processor PENTIUM 300 MHz OR LATER Memory 128 MB RAM RECOMMENDED Hard disk 1.5 GB REQUIRED Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive Display 800 x 600 or higher resolution monitor

Condition: Brand New: Brand: Microsoft Type: Operating Systems UPC: 661799414654 Detailed item info Product Identifiers Brand Microsoft Model Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Full Edition SP3 UPC 661799414654

Category Type Operating Systems Family line Microsoft Windows XP

System Requirements Operating System Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

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