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The seeds of World War II are sown at the end of World War I, the treaties signed at the end of the Great War satisfy neither the victors nor the vanquished. Social, political, and economic changes nurture these seeds over the next 21 years, until they germinate in Poland. Barely 20 years after the "war to end all wars," German dictator Adolph Hitler plunges the world into a war that will take the lives of 50 million people. In the months following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States is in no position to actively pursue the war in Europe. Its army is far below the strength required for the task. Despite these problems, and within a month of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Churchill meets with Roosevelt and they agree on a "beat Germany first" strategy. The American leadership acknowledges that the bulk of Allied ground forces will have to confront the German threat as soon and as decisively as possible. From Pearl Harbor to D-Day, American determination to confront the German army never wavers, but events make it clear that half-measures will not lead to victory. At the Trident Conference, held in Washington, D.C., in May 1943, the date for the Allied invasion of France is tentatively reset for May 1, 1944. In the intervening year, the biggest buildup of men and materiel ever assembled for a military operation takes place in England.


  • Over 20 levels – accomplish specific objectives and goals in order to succeed and advance.
  • Fully realized 3D worlds utilizing the powerful Quake III engine.
  • Over 1000 unique character animations for an unsurpassed level of realism.
  • Multiple online options including team combat and traditional last man standing modes.
  • Encounters with 22 different enemies including Wehrmacht Snipers, Kradschützen Motorcycle Troops and Gestapo Officers.
  • Access to over 21 historically accurate World War II era weapons, including Thompson submachine guns, Mark II Frag Grenades, .50 cal mounted machine guns, flame-throwers and “sticky bombs ”.
  • Four different stationary weapons the player can use against the enemy.
  • More than 18 enemy vehicles including the Tiger Mark I Heavy Tank, Stuka Dive Bombers, and V2 Rockets.
  • Weather and time-of-day effects.
  • Assault enemy units alone and as part of a crack military squad.
  • Special ‘disguise ’mode that allows players to put on enemy uniforms to evade capture.
  • Highly destructible interactive environments.
  • Original orchestral score by Medal of Honor composer Michael Giacchino.
  • Sound effects by the award winning Medal of Honor sound design team at EALA.


System Requirements :

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium II processor or 500MHz AMD K6-2
  • 64MB RAM
  • 4X CDROM/DVD-ROM drive
  • 16MB OpenGL capable video card with DirectX 7 compatible driver
  • DirectX 7 compatible sound card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

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