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Lot of 3 Books about The Bermuda Triangle
Lot of 3 Books about The Bermuda Triangle Pic 1 Lot of 3 Books about The Bermuda Triangle Pic 2
Lot of 3 Books about The Bermuda Triangle Pic 3
Lot of 3 Books about
The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle
an incredible saga of unexplained disappearances
  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by Charles Berlitz
  • Copyright 1974 by Charles Berlitz
  • " A squadron of five Navy planes, together with a rescue plane, disappears while on a routine training mission. A ship is found abandoned on the high seas with no trace of passengers or crew. A submerged ship rises from its grave below the sea. "
  • " These unexplained disappearances- and appearances- are not scenarios for a science fiction movie but recorded events of one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time- the Bermuda Triangle: that area of the western Atlantic off the southeastern coast of the United States where over 100 planes and ships and 1,000 people have literally vanished into thin air. "
  • " Here is the story of the most famous believe-it-or-not happenings of this planet and the non-earthly forces that may very well be the cause of them. "
  • " You may have heard of it as "the Bermuda Triangle." Or "the Hoodoo Sea." Or "the Graveyard of the Atlantic."
    It remains the most perplexing phenomena of nature: an area of the western Atlantic where planes and ships- many within sight of land- seem to pass into another dimension. "
  • " In this absorbing book, Charles Berlitz reviews many of the bizarre (and continuing) disappearances connected with "the Bermuda Triangle" and proposes intriguing theories of the strange forces that may be at work there. "
  • " Are the many UFOs spotted in the area hijacking aircraft and taking samples of our civilization with them to other galaxies ?
    Are electromagnetic aberrations from power sources of ancient- and highly advanced- civilizations causing space-time warps that transport planes and ships into other worlds ?
    Are the losses somehow tied in with the lost continent of Atlantis ? "
  • " Included too are interviews with people who have made harrowing escapes from the Bermuda Triangle- including a man who twice experienced its cataclysmic forces and lived to tell about it. "
  • " In this extraordinary book, a man with a wide knowledge of the unexplained mysteries of our world demonstrates again that the universe is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger that we can imagine. "
  • " Charles Berlitz is the grandson of the man who founded the famous Berlitz language schools and is himself an accomplished linguist, with a working knowledge of some thirty languages. An expert scuba diver, he has examined first hand many of the strange ruins of lost civilizations which have been discovered beneath the sea. His several books include Atlantis and Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds. "
  • It is in pretty good condition with some stains on the cover and inside of the dust jacket.
    Also, the dust jacket is very worn and torn along the edges.
    No torn or ripped pages. No other markings or writing.
  • THE

    " With 16 pages of photographs plus
    Paperback book by Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey
    First Printing: June, 1975
    Copyright 1973 by Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey
    The cover is worn with a piece torn off the bottom front corner and the pages are slightly yellowed due to aging.


    " The definitive new bestseller that
    rips the lid off the Legend ! "
    " For both the doubters -
    and the believers. "
    " Sixteen Pages of Photographs "
    Paperback book by Lawrence David Kusche
    Copyright 1975 by Lawrence David Kusche
    The edges of the pages are yellowed due to aging.

    They are all in pretty good condition with wear to the covers and as noted above.
    No torn or missing pages.

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