Learn to GRADE your own USA Currency for $.01

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MY BRAND 1 to 100

Learn to GRADE your own USA Currency for $.01
This is not an error
The Professional Grading Companies have been RE-GRADING USA CURRENCY at an alarming rate
We need to Stop this and HOLD them responsible for the GRADES they put on their notes ONCE.
Don't believe me!
Go to StolenCurrency.com CHECK HUH! and WEIRD!
Two pages of regraded USA Notes.
Serial Numbered notes! (one company is tracking it--- check the WEB page to see who it is! If you buy notes, you really should BUY this software)
REGRADING is fine.... but 6 to 15 POINTS differences is not real. (check it for yourself)
NOTES graded in the 50's and 60's and 70's are being regraded by their EXPERTS!
How can these new (2013) experts get such a different grade?
Is it just for the MONEY!???
I've created a NEW Grading system for CIRCULATEDCurrency.com
1. There is NO Mint State grade it's only for Circulated currency
2. It a scale from 1 to 100
3. You must grade each side of a Note
4. You must include the Parameters plus the max grade for that parameter
5. You really should note your initials, but that's not required
6. You need to include your grading paperwork with your note. (it's free)
7. If someone says they don't agree with your grading, tell them to BUY it and change the grade themselves.
8. ALL of this information regarding Grading is INCLUDED on CirculatedCurrency.com
FREE including a DOWNLOAD of the grading templates.
(you can't go wrong with this PRICE or maybe a donation??? $.01))
Because I'm giving you this FREE! YES! FREE! Anybody can be a GRADER! you just need to try....
Think about all the USA Notes you had and wished they were valuable enough to GRADE but
because Grading companies charge so much for their EXPERTISE you never had any of them graded.....
Now you can do it yourself.
Donations are acceptable and will continue to bring a Fair system to Currency Grading.
OH! YEAH, think about Coins without serial numbers, RE-GRADING!

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