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JESUS CHRIST Before He Became A Superstar
JESUS CHRIST Before He Became A Superstar HB w/ DJ
  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by James K. Fitzpatrick
  • Copyright © 1976 by Arlington House, Inc.

" What did Jesus have to say about free sex?
About "liberation" theology? Situation ethics? Women's lib?
Marxism? Punishment for sin? God? "

" A brilliant young writer, frankly disturbed, searched the Scriptures.
What he found will shake up everyone who calls himself a "modern" Christian-
and fortify every traditional Christian. "

" Mr. Fitzpatrick went back to the words of Christ.
He put these words side by side with the words of dozens of today's culture heroes,

Bonhoeffer, Cox, Freud, Marx, Teilhard, Tillich, Bishop Moore, Bishop Pike,
Bishop Robinson, Daniel Callahan, Malcolm Boyd, Guttierrez, Mencken, Bultmann,
Gregory Baum, Albee, Skinner, Fletcher, Martin Marty, Leslie Dewart, Andrew Greeley, Sarte "

" The result is a book that provides a powerful refutation of everyone who would put Christ in the service of secular humanism ... relativism ... the New Theology ... the New Morality. "

" Fitzpatrick gives off sparks on every page:

" Prayer. It seems to me the key.
Does a progressive cleric really pray?
Or does he try to get us all to join in a collective consciousness raising?"
How the New Theology relates to the growing contempt of Americans for their own country.
Another "religious" experience from Harvey Cox: nude swimming
Why a Christian may not espouse the central demand of women's lib.
At the New Mass, the priest faces the people.
Gregory Baum, embarrassingly candid, gives the game away. "

" If James Fitzpatrick had only marshalled the words of Christ to hurl back at those who disfigure Him, he would have the gratitude of every troubled Christian.
But he does more.
He feels the distress of concerned Christians when they see their faith turned into travesty.
Feeling the same distress, he shows us how he overcame it.
His words are a lifeline. "

The Foreword begins:
" I AM WRITING in an attempt to rescue the Faith of our Fathers."

Contents includes:

" Introduction

1 Of Different Drummers and False Prophets

2 That Even the Winds Obey Him

3 The Narrow Gate

4 In the Days of Noah

5 Better the Millstone

6 The Devil

7 Hallowed Be Thy Name

8 I and the Father Are One

9 "Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish"

10 Burning the Chapel

11 This Is America

12 Adeste Fidelis

Index "

This book came from a church library and has a pocket on the inside front cover and a church name & address stamp on the first blank page.
Otherwise it is in very good condition with some wear and tear to the edges of the dust jacket,
and the edges of the pages are slightly yellowed due to aging.
No torn or ripped pages.

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