Icy Cold Neck WrapsIcy Cold Neck Wraps

Icy Cold Neck Wraps

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Icy-Cold Neck Wraps are a gel-filled tie-style icy-cold neck wrap thatare individually packaged with full instructions. Product ishandmade by Bill Burson Company in the U.S.A. of 100% cotton fabric with water-activated, non-toxic gel crystals inside. They are 43-inches long and can be worn as a bandana or neck wrap in hot outdoor weather conditions while working or playing outdoors. They can be worn directly on bare neck, under a hard-hat or a ball cap. Can even be used as a cold compress! To activatethe wrap, place itin a container oficy-cold water for approximately 20 minutes. The crystals inside will absorb the cold liquid and become a light-weight material that will retain its form for as long as you wish. This product will stay cool and refreshing for 3-4 hours even in the worst hot and humid conditions – as neck wrap gradually warms, simply re-dip in icy-cold water. Perfect for on the job, or any outdoor activity.

Store in plastic bag in refrigerator when not in use (do not freeze). To clean, hand wash as neededwith mild soap in cold water. To return wrap to original dry state, hang in warm, dry area until crystals are flat again. Crystals will reactivate time and again.

Please click on the drop-down listing to view all colors (solids and prints). (Note: Water crystals contents are non-toxic, but product is NOT edible.)

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Buy Icy Cold Neck Wraps
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Buy Icy Cold Neck Wraps
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Buy Icy Cold Neck Wraps
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Buy Icy Cold Neck Wraps
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Buy Icy Cold Neck Wraps
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