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Elementary Handcrafts for Elementary Schools
Elementary Handcrafts for Elementary Schools
Elementary Handcrafts for Elementary Schools
Projects for Unit Teaching
  • Hardcover book by Mamie E. Brown
  • Over 100 pages
  • Copyright © 1956 by Mamie E. Brown

" Elementary Handcrafts for Elementary Schools is an outgrowth of the syllabus of a course that Miss Brown has taught since 1926. A highly useful book for teachers of elementary grades and student-teachers, it is a guide to leading children in producing murals, posters, and other useful objects, in a well-rounded program of constructive child training and development.
Step by step, Miss Brown details such projects as the creation of different types of maps, the use of paper in construction, the utilization of cloth and thread to make such things as tufted rugs and weaving belts on macaroni sticks, the most effective use of clay and soap for modeling and sculpture, and the proper means of cementing and shellacking sea shells.
The lucid, easy-to-follow instructions and descriptions in these pages make it practical and valuable for the teacher to put the activities into the curriculum even when working with unfamiliar materials and techniques. Elementary Handcrafts for Elementary Schools is also a handbook for parents. The mother with a shut-in child can use this book to the same advantage as a teacher in the schoolroom.
Crafts are of fundamental importance to a child in relating the more abstract parts of his studies to the world of senses and in generating in him the feeling of accomplishment and secure confidence that comes from viewing the tangible product of one's own efforts. If you have a feeling for children and understand the underlying aims of elementary education, you can teach handcrafts effectively by using this volume as your guide.
In the Introduction to her book, Miss Brown writes: "The suggestions in the following pages should not in any case be duplicated, but rather they should be adapted. Because of the individual differences existing among children in any group, no directive fits the needs of all children; each child brings to any situation his own particular interests, aptitudes and past experiences. Materials, procedures and suggestions are therefore presented, but no patterns are given. Originality is encouraged and individuality in all activities is stressed.
"The suggested activities are based on several sound psychological principles. The first is the belief that both children and adults learn to do by doing and that much vicarious learning can be reinforced and enriched by manipulative activities.... The second belief is that, everything else being equal, practice helps to develop skills - not practice that is mere formal drills or that consist of repeating the same thing over and over, put the kind of practice that comes about through use in experience units.
"This book is presented with the hope that elementary teachers who have had no special training in handling the various media will, through the suggestions made here, be encouraged to offer children many experiences conducive to growth through mental and motor co-ordination and many opportunities to work with their hands as well as with their heads, to the end that the learning process will be a pleasant and effective one, that the happiness of leisure hours will be enhanced, that interest in hobbies may be aroused, that love for the beautiful will be satisfied, and that creativeness will be aroused and encouraged." "

Summary of Contents includes:

" Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Making Maps and Graphs
Chapter III: Paper
Chapter IV: Cloth and Thread
Chapter V: Clay and Soap
Chapter VI: Reed and Raffia
Chapter VII: Cementing and Shellacking Shells
Chapter VIII: Waste Materials and Their Uses
Chapter IX: General Conclusions
Some Supplementary Usable and Practical Aids "

This book is in good to very good condition with minor wear, but the dust jacket has some wear and tear.
No torn or ripped pages, but there are a few pages at the end that have some folded creases.
No markings or writing.

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