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Item Description

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Down South Outfitters prohibits the use of any
images or item descriptions from our listings!
It is a direct violation of eBay policies,
if any images or item descriptions is being used
by any other sellers, eBay will be notified immediately!

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Customer is responsible for reading entire listing and understanding our "TOS", and the cancellations & return policy. Our policy can be viewed by clicking the blue store icon just below our user name on any item page.


We only sell top quality products, we do not sell second or third quality products.

In this listing you will receive:

(1) Top Quality T Shirt as shown in image. You get to choose your print color.

Please read the rest of item description to find out how to get us the accurate information for printing.

 T-shirt brand will be one of the following: GILDAN AND/OR PORT & COMPANY AND ARE  100% UNISEX PRESHRUNK COTTON, SOME SAFETY COLORS ARE 50/50. A specific brand "is not" an option when placing an order.  You also need to be aware different different brands of shirts will fit each individual differently. Sizing chart is available for viewing in gallery images.

You are required to send information for printing. If we do not receive the information requested below & in the "format requested" below in "PAYPAL CHECK-OUT" the garment will leave our facility with a default print color.  Print color will vary depending on t-shirt color ordered. We do have very strict shipping times  with eBay that we follow 24/7.


Print/text color: (color inserted here)

The Design colors offered (printing/text colors) is listed in the gallery image above. If the design color "is not" received it will be printed in a  "default print color" and will vary depending on the shirt color purchased. You can view the default print colors in GALLERY IMAGE #2.

If the above information is not received in the format requested above we will use our own discretion on the printing and print color, we "do not" verify messages received. Your message is copied as it is received and printed.

These are printed center of front or back or which ever option you choose from the drop down menu. If you do not have a print option location to choose from, "it is printed on the side shown in main gallery image; unless otherwise stated in the above item description."


Once in PAYPAL CHECK-OUT click "MESSAGE SELLER" add information as shown in "format above" in the message box. Click "ADD" if it is added correctly you will see the message that you typed above your order summary.  If you can not see that information after hitting the add button, your message did not accept.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT "DO NOT" SKIP THE ABOVE STEP.

Approximate measurement size for printing:

Image size will vary depending on shirt size ordered.


 Buyer is "always" responsible for all the following:

***** Ordering "correct item"(s) *****

***** Garment size & garment color *****

***** Print color *****

If you are ordering a custom garment.....Customer is also responsible for double checking all spelling, punctuation marks, word spacing, & upper and lower case letters. The way it is sent is the way it will be printed; it is copied and printed direct from the message received. If you insert punctuation marks or symbols such as:", . , * , - , _ , ? it "will be" included with the printing. If you leave out punctuation marks where they are needed they will not be inserted. If said above symbols or punctuation marks appear in the middle of a line or sentence we will assume you know they are there and they will be printed. Sometimes these come thru without your knowing (we have seen this happen)so you are required to send information accordingly and double check what you send. This assures us you know they are there. Your information is copied & pasted direct from your message about your purchase & printed.

Why is this your responsibility, because we do not know what or how you need the garment printed (we do not edit any messages that are received). So, this means if the words are misspelled, if you type upper and lower case letters, there extra punctuation, no punctuation, or extra word spacing. We assume that is the way you needed it printed & that is the way it will arrive. Buyer is also responsible for color combinations (garment color and print color) choose colors accordingly.

We are not responsible for any of the above information, it is up to the buyer to get us  accurate information.



Returns are never accepted on any garment orders that has a printed design at anytime. Everything is explained in item listing details & "TOS" above and below. This is custom for the customer making purchase only, and can not be resold to anyone else.

We do take time stamped pictures of every completed garment that leaves our location for eBay verification. That proves to eBay when your order was completed, it was completed accurate according to size, garment color, print color & information the customer sent for printing, this also verifies it left with out any defect and it was printed they way it was ordered.

Thanks for Looking
Happy Bidding
Down South Outfitters, Owners

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We process orders 7 days a week 24 hrs a day with in 10 min and sometimes sooner after order is received. Orders "can not" be changed or cancelled after that point.

If you have received a tracking number your item has left our facility and is in the hands of the postal system and can not and will not be retrieved. Our shipping department sends very important information regarding your order and how it is handled at the postal facility once it is in their hands.

We deliver to the post office 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We hand deliver to the postal facility an excessive amount of times per day; plus we have an excessive amount of postal pickups; due to heavy volume of packages that leave our facility daily.

We do our job to get it out within our allotted time (which is 24 hours), we "are not" responsible for postal delays, or delivery times once it is in the postal system. If your purchase has not arrived in a timely manner, contact your local post office and provide them with the tracking information on your product. They will be able to assist you with the location of the package.

Also, Expedited shipping "does not" mean overnight delivery. Expedited shipping mean we process your order within the allotted time frame we offer which is one business day. The sort facility (USPS) or any other carrier used is responsible for sort times (which will vary 3-5 business days in busy season), delivery times and timely delivery of your package.

We "don't" offer any multiple order or shipping discounts on this item. Shipping and handling cost is charged per item and covers the cost of the printing of the item, printing supplies, packaging supplies, and shipping of the item.

It is at our discretion if items are package individually or together.

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