BOHEMIA & MOROVIA 100 Kronen 1940 Banknote 281504 CZECHOSLOVAKIA WW2 German OccupatioBOHEMIA & MOROVIA 100 Kronen 1940 Banknote 281504 CZECHOSLOVAKIA WW2 German Occupatio

BOHEMIA & MOROVIA 100 Kronen 1940 Banknote 281504 CZECHOSLOVAKIA WW2 German Occupatio

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BOHEMIA & MOROVIA 100 Kronen 1940 Banknote 281504  - CZECHOSLOVAKIA WWII

 - German Occupation Note P-6

 (Historic WWII Currency)

- BOHEMIA, a province in northwest Czechoslovakia, was combined with the majority of MORAVIA in central Czechoslovakia, to form a German protectorate in March of 1939, which was dissolved near the end of 1945 when Bohemia and Morovia became part of Czechoslovakia.

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