Bat Rolling Service's (Juice up your Composites Bats)Bat Rolling Service's (Juice up your Composites Bats)Bat Rolling Service's (Juice up your Composites Bats)Bat Rolling Service's (Juice up your Composites Bats)

Bat Rolling Service's (Juice up your Composites Bats)

(Break-in your BaseBall & SoftBall Composites Bats)

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Composite Bat Rolling


Composite Bat Rolling - is the process of “Rolling in Compression” and to (Break-in) your composite bat to make it more effective, gaining 20 to 40 Feet more in distance.

How does Bat Rolling work?      
The bat is placed between Three rollers and then pressure is applied as the bat passes through the rollers so the bat’s fibers are stretched out. This causes the fibers to become more flexible which greatly improves the bat’s trampoline effect when the ball hits it, resulting in increased batted ball speed and distance. It will make the sweet spot "MUCH BIGGER" and more consistent as well.


Why do you need your bat rolled?
It reduces the amount of time to break in your bat. This will completely break in your bat, not only a certain part of the barrel, but the whole barrel and it's broken
in evenly . Most composite bats get Hotter as they get older. The more hits on a composite bat, the better performance you will get out of it. A rolled bat is similar to having approximately 500-750 hits on a composite bat. Rolling will eliminate dead spots, instantly giving a brand new bat around 20-40 feet more in distance, which can be the difference between a Homerun or an out. Your line drives and ground balls will get through the infield with Lighting speed.



1 Main Reason to have your bat rolled by us
  Just look on the front of our 2012 HomeRun Derby Bat Rolling Machine and you will see a Pressure Gage and that indicates how much pressure we are applying on the bat each time we Roll the bat perpendicular & parallel, and the bat will get the same amount of pressure to each cycle as its rolled, This means there's no guessing on how much pressure we applied on the 1st cycle of rolling as we rotate the bat, the bat will receive the same amount of pressure on every cycle and without our pressure gage you will not know that your rolling the bat perfectly round, and with the gage you will recieve a perfect rolled round  bat with NO DEAD SPOTS!!!!!!!





The Pressure amount is not 100% accurate on how many hits it adds to the bat, But its pretty close.....

Example: .030 Thou of a inch of pressure is like 100 -175 hits added to the bat (Some Used Bats only Need 125+ Hits to break-in)
          .060 Thou of a inch of pressure is like 225 - 300 hits added to the bat (Some Used Bats only Need 225-300 Hits to break-in)
          .090 Thou of a inch of pressure is like 350 - 425 hits added to the bat (Some Used Bats only Need 350-425 Hits to break-in)
       .120 Thou of a inch of pressure will break in ALL BATS (Most New Bats need 500+ Hits to break-in)






 Shipping & Handling

Ship To:

Boston Ray Dog

701 western ave

Lynn ma, 01905

We will roll your bat/s on same day that we receive them and ship back out with USPS Parcel Post that day or the next morning depending on what time we received your bat/s.. The best way too ship is in a round tube, square box, or triangular box same size as bat length, With extra tape at both ends so bat doesn't fall out.  Please Add Insurance so you can protect yourself if bat is lost or damage threw shipping, and i will do the same when returning your bat and add a tracking number also.....

Faster Delievery is also available:

OverNight / 2 Days

Just inform me with a text or a message prior to purchase on when you would like your bat back in your possession and i will run it thru my Shipping computer work system to see how much more the cost will be for shipping.....

LOCAL DROP OFF & PICK-UP: If your from the Boston area and would like to drive to our shop, you can drop off your Bat/s and pick them up the next day,  or in some cases the same day, But you MUST Text me before coming to the shop..........

  If you have any questions You may Text me @ 781-853-7473

Q: Where did you purchased that Bat Rolling Machine

A: We didnt Purchased, Our Engineers designed and built the Bat roller Ourselfs......

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