Baby Goat Taxidermy

Baby goat standing up taxidermy mount

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This little guy has been mounted in a pose as if he was just standing up after an afternoon nap.  He looks ready to get into trouble, doesn't he?  This baby died of natural causes a few days after he was born, but has been preserved to forever bring life to your world!  He is free-standing. 

Please don't hesitate to ask questions!

Preferred payment is via Zelle, which, if you aren’t familiar with Zelle, is a free service that lets you pay anyone with an email directly from your bank account. It’s easy to set up and does NOT give anyone access to your banking information.

I understand if you prefer to pay with PayPal. I do not use PayPal because I was defrauded significant money via them in the past. However, if you want to use that as a payment method then you can make your purchase from my Etsy store by clicking this link ( ) and going through check-out there.  You can also see my awesome feedback there!  Please understand that the price will be higher on Etsy to compensate for the fees I am charged there.

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I have shipped my little creations all over the world and have had 100% intact arrival to date. I know how to pack each one to ensure safe arrival. Some are easily packed with packing peanuts and a stout box, while others require more elaborate packing. Shipping price is an estimate, and it includes the cost of materials used in shipping. If there is a significant difference once the item is shipped, I will refund the overage.


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