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MJM COVERS AND POSTCARDS started in 2005 as a licensed sole proprietorship in Cook County, Illinois doing business out of Hoffman Estates, IL.

My mission is to provide good value thru sales and excellent customer relations.

I do have an ebay store, but its only to get 150 items free per month until ebay does a gimmick promotion letting a seller list 1,000 items for free.

I'm small and don't have the marketing dollars to advertise, so apologize in advance for my marketing e-mail efforts.

eBay won't let even established sellers mention other venues they sell unless one buys into their banner or adword campaigns.

eBay is still the bulk of my sales, but with the increased fees and gimmicks its forced my operation to sell elsewhere. Getting people to register is like pulling teeth since the ebay marketing machine as I call it states many half truths about protecting consumers while the vast majority of these alternative ebay sites have secure checkouts and also use Paypal which by the way is an eBay company.

Auctiva Commerce for now handles the non ebay store side of my business, but do expect to see a lot of items here on Unisquare and possible closure of my Auctiva Commerce Store.

What else would like to Know?

  • If your a foreign buyer, but have a US address I'm happy to give United States shipping rates.
  • Items are insured in the United States free of charge when the purchase is $20 or more.
  • All items are scanned in at 180 Dots Per Inch and I will not if there's glare caused from poor lighting
  • All items are very good to excellent in condition unless noted

I will combine all your purchases and send an invoice regardless of how many sites you buy from that I list on.