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Books come in many different subjects, sizes, topics and formats. Most people buy books for casual reading and relaxation while others need to buy Textbooks for college or school. There are plenty of self-help and career advice books out there for work and job hunting. There are even antique books and antiquarian, collectible books that collectors seek after. Other than paper formats, there are also popular Audiobooks that people can listen to while they read, and digital eBooks that readers can download and read on their computer, or more commonly these days, the Amazon Kindle. It doesn't matter if they are new or used, everyone is looking for a great deal on buying them.

For casual reading, there are two major types of books: Fiction and Non-fiction. Non-Fiction books are basically true stories and narratives based on factual events and historical facts. Fiction books are imaginary and are not based on events that really happened in real life. Usually, nonfiction books include Documentaries, Biographies, Memoirs and historical (true) stories. Both are equally popular among readers and buyers.

The type of popular topics in fiction include Genre Fiction, Historical Fiction and Criticisms, Contemporary Stories, Poetry and Literature. Other major fiction genre books include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romances, Thrillers, Mysteries and Suspense stories. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek and Alice in Wonderland are all major examples of fiction.

Another class of books that are required for college students are called Textbooks, which are considered nonfiction. These are educational texts designed to teach people new skills and advance their practical knowledge of real world work. Students typically buy and sell textbooks online for classes and can get better deals buying used textbooks from previous students. This is especially true for very expensive ones such as Medicine and Law books for medical school and law school, which if new, would sometimes cost $1000+ to buy. Other kinds of books include teachings about Business and Finance, Social and Political Science, Hard Science and Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Test Preparation and References. At UniSquare, we do not do any textbook buyback. Instead, we allow sellers to sell textbooks to buyers directly.

School textbooks are also used by professionals who self-teach themselves new skills and knowledge. Professional and Technical books may not be designed for students, but for the people in the career already. In addition, there are books for self-help, personal growth and career advancement that fall into the non-fiction category, but do not necessarily need to be technical in nature.

Then there are countless learning books for the average person and layman to buy. If you wanted to learn art, photography and crafts as a hobby, there are plenty of these out there with informative pictures and photos. For instance, if you are interested in cooking or you are just interested in a more exotic meal, you might want to buy cookbooks or books about food and wine. Books about healthy living are popular among those are researching and studying ways to live a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

Children's books are designed for children who would be interested in reading fairy tales, or perhaps read a interesting book that teaches them about basic elementary skills. Parents may want to buy parenting and relationship books to learn how to raise a child, find a date or improve their marriage, romance and relationship. Business and investment books are great for those getting started in investing or planning on retirement. Travel books go along just fine with this as well, a great source to get good ideas on places to travel on vacation or for retirement.

If you are an author, you can sell your books here. eBooks are very cheap and popular for the average person to write. These are basically electronic books that you write on your computer and can send to your readers and buyers through a download. At UniSquare, you can sell eBooks here. Audiobooks are somewhat electronic as well. These consists of an audio media with or without a physical book and readers listen to someone reading the book. Some good reasons why audiobooks are popular is the fact that they can be played while driving, taking a run or a jog or doing some activity where you have plenty of time for reading, but you are busying with your hands and moving around!

Antique books are actually quite collectible. The study and hobby of book collecting is called bibliophilia and a collector is known as a bibliophile. Vintage Antiquarian books can be worth many thousands depending on the buyer. Like most collectibles, the value of an antique book depends on the value and condition, but the popularity plays a factor in the value as well, including signatures or autographs by the author.

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